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About ManlyHub.com

manlyhub-text-square2_with-names-400You would think that when it comes to being a man in just about every aspect possible, guys around the world have it easier than they did say, fifty or sixty years ago. The fact of the matter, however, is that men actually have it worse off. Think for a second about this. Back decades ago, you had your friends at work, or maybe that group you played poker with on Thursday night or something. That’s about all your ass had in days gone by to hone your skills in the finer points of being a man.

Nowadays, guys are just walking around on crutches. Not because we’ve all broken our legs, but metaphorically at least. For the past twenty years or so there’s been an uptake in what I like to call the feminization of men. In short, they act more like women than some women do. That’s because every bit of advice that’s being taken from guys is taken from the media. And boy is the media littered with advice from women.

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This is why ManlyHub.com is around guys. It’s the only reason we exist. It’s because we are sick and absolutely tired of sitting and seeing these poor unfortunate guys who are getting the wrong information from the media about how to be a man. It’s not just about getting laid, although that is the main factor here. It’s also about teaching you how to be a man in the classic old school tradition. Let’s take a brief tour of some of the many areas of ManlyHub.com and show you how we, the kind folks at ManlyHub.com are going to actually give you advice that works!

Our Staff

staffOur staff is comprised of a bunch of highly trained chimps that will….oh we’re just messing with you on that one. Truth be told, our staff is comprised of a series of well trained lifestyle researchers and dating experts that are going to give you proper advice when it comes to the dating world as well as the world of proper masculinity in general. That joke at the beginning was designed to display that we’re not the stodgy types that simply belt out advice like it’s stereo instructions. We feel that the best way to teach and for people to learn is with a little bit of a joke added to it. So let’s go onto our first area, shall we?

Our Content

Our ContentIn our articles section, we’ve got five categories that you can click that manly finger on your even manlier mouse and read to get tips on just about anything imaginable…

Manly Advice

Maybe you need a little bit of a push when it comes to how to properly act around women. Maybe your ratio of how many times you go home with a woman as opposed to how many times you cry alone at the edge of your bed is a bit higher than you would like it to be. Well, the folks at ManlyHub.com have got articles lined up for you that will at least get your foot in the door with women if nothing else.

Some of us at one point of another may have needed some honest advice on how to get us out of the chair in the club, across the room and actually speak to that woman that we’ve been undressing with our eyes the whole night. Because after all, if you don’t end up going and talking to her; undressing her with your eyes is the only thing that’s going to be happening.

There’s also going to be tips and tricks for ways to fine tune your social media centers like Facebook to get as many women as possible. Quick little preview of one of our Facebook articles, don’t be the guy that comments on everything on a woman’s Facebook page. That sort of thing will get you on certain lists with women that you never get off of.

Maybe you need the help of one of our resident manliness counselors is a fellow we like to call Manly Mike. He’s as macho as a truckload of Yukon Lumberjacks and spare no feelings when it comes to telling you how to really act. He’s all man and a yard wide and will not hesitate giving you the advice you really need quicker than Don Corleone jumped up and slapped Johnny Fontaine into acting like a man!

Success Advice

Do you need some advice about how to ask that asshole boss of yours for a raise?

Is your mother smothering you and making it impossible for you to continue a relationship that you’ve started simply because mommy doesn’t like the woman you’re with? Well, the ManlyHub.com Success Squad has been dispatched and is ready and waiting to dispense advice like it was candy on Halloween.
Our Success Advice Squad works hand in hand with our Manliness Coordinators to offer advice in every aspect of a man’s life to ensure that you walk about the world with your head held high and that chest out like you should. Whether it be the proper way to act at work or how to go about an awkward social situation we are here for you.

Lifestyle Advice

We know that the day may come that somebody else asks you for advice. We look at that as a win because we’ve taught you enough to go out into the world and spreading the gospel of manliness to others that desperately need help. Which is why our lifestyle advice section is there to give you little tips and tricks that you can use in everyday life.

Seduction Advice

how to get thereAre you getting on good with a woman but you’ve having problems sealing the deal? Are you spending copious amounts of money on dates but always going asleep at the end of the night empty handed? Well, not exactly empty handed but you get our meaning. Here at ManlyHub.com we’ve got some great people that are trained in the art of getting women out of their clothes standing by to help you get women undressed and in bed with you. So if you’ve got a problem when it comes to getting around the bases, click on one of our many articles and maybe you’ll figure out a crucial point of attack that you may have been missing.

Sex Advice

Sex AdviceOk now, you’ve gotten the woman in bed with you. No what do you do? Maybe you’re one of those guys that just isn’t experienced enough sexually to really know what in the blue hell you should be doing. Or you’re one of those poor guys stuck in limbo that has been with a respectable number of women, but most of them were too drunk to notice that you couldn’t perform to Olympic levels or you stuck in a continuing loop of being a guy that’s given pity fucks like they’re going out of style.

Now, not that there’s anything wrong with a good pity fuck once in a while. But a woman doesn’t want to be with a guy that goes about the bedroom like a lost puppy or an old man asking for directions at a train station. They want a goddamn fire breathing monster that will make their back crack and their liver quiver. We’ve got hordes of well trained cocksmen ready to teach you what to do in bed and most importantly what not to do in bed to keep that woman in your bed for more than one night, or two minutes in some of your cases.

Seduction Routines

Seduction RoutinesNow, while we realize here at ManlyHub.com that not every situation is the same, we do recognize the fact that most advice can be fitted to just about every scenario. Which is why we have handy seduction guides that teach you everything from the verbal to the nonverbal art of wooing a woman from that drink with the umbrella in it to the passenger seat of your car on her way to a night of earth shattering love making.

If you have trouble approaching women, we’ve got articles and guides out the door to help you at least break the ice with a woman. We’ve come to realize in our exhaustive research that about sixty percent of the battle when it comes to women is already won when you open your mouth to say hello. You’ve manned up and actually said something to the woman.

Now, one of our other sections in this area pertains to those of you that while you may be good at breaking the ice you don’t really know what the hell else to say. That’s fine, we’ve got you covered. It’s what good will towards your fellow man is all about. We hate seeing you take a cab home alone as much as you do. So we offer guides ranging from how to simply ask for a woman’s phone number all the way to passing those surprise tests to see how full of shit you are that women occasionally dump on us. Yes, we know it’s terribly unfair of them but we at ManlyHub.com have got you covered. We’re not going to leave you out on a limb.

Free Dating Guides

We’ve also got some free dating guides that you can take on the go with you whenever you’re not available to click on ManlyHub.com and need a little extra boost.

If you’re one of those guys that tends to go for the Facebook crowd we’ve got a guide for that. We know that some of you prefer to take this method of attack so we’re damn sure not going to leave you without a battle plan.

If you really, really want to get that ex-girlfriend of yours back and aren’t quite sure how to do it, we’ve got that for you as well.
We’ve got downloadable guides for just about every possible scenario that you could take on in your battle to get women from “hello” to “Dear God that was amazing”. So head on over to our free dating guide section and take a look to see what we have to offer. Chances are, we have the solution to just the problem you need help with.


We here at ManlyHub.com want to see nothing more than for you to succeed in every aspect of your life as a man. We hate seeing guys go home unlaid. It’s about the only thing that will bring us close to crying. I say close because we’re men dammit and so are you. So go through the site, find out what you need to know and then spread the gospel to all the men out there. Kick the crutches out from under their feet and let us help you teach your fellow man how to be a man!

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