5 Ways To Use Facebook To Get Women – Part 1

5 Ways To Use Facebook To Get Women - Part 1

It’s in use by roughly a fifth of the population of Earth. The number of people that use it is equal to the collective congregations of all three of the major religions of the world. It’s damn near a religion in itself. Of course I am talking about Facebook. People use it for everything, no matter how big and small. Some guys have a great deal of luck picking up women on Facebook. But how do they do it? Now each person is different but I can imagine those with the best success ratio tend to follow a few simple rules.

Create An Attractive Profile


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Facebook, especially in a dating scenario is essentially a free billboard for yourself. As is seen by the ever present banners splattered all over some Facebook pages, it’s an excellent form of advertising. You’ve got to make everything about you that’s said on the page scream that any woman that reads this needs to get in contact with you as soon as possible.

So be positive and unique. For example, if you had a terrible day at work don’t go on a long winded rant about how much you hate your job and that it sucks and so on and so forth. Your boss is probably reading your Facebook to begin with and will just make your day more miserable tomorrow anyway. Instead of going for the throat, say something about how you had a bad day at work. Be as vague as you possibly can about it. That way, you got girls lining up to console you and asking if there’s any way they can make you feel better. Saying you had a rough day can be a great conversation starter.

But when you are specifically talking about yourself in that fun about me section, you’ve got to make things pop. Don’t use vague lines here. Don’t simply say what a funny and caring guy you are. They will eventually get to know that anyway. Come up with something catchy that sounds like it was stolen from the inside of a greeting card. Hell, steal something from the inside of a greeting card. There’s so many of them nobody will really notice.

At the very least, having something that sounds original describing you will show how unique you are. Also, remember that you are trying to cater to a specific audience here. So when you are listing your likes and displaying your humor, try to do it in a way that is as friendly to the females as possible. Women tend to think a bit more down the road than guys do sometimes and they are not going to go anywhere near a man if he’s busting out dirty jokes all the time. Remember, you are trying to sell a product here; don’t tell people what’s wrong with it.

Don’t Be An Attention Whore


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The worst thing that guys can do on Facebook when they are trying to solicit the company of women is be too negative. If you come across all the time as a guy that’s negative women are going to start thinking that if they do decide to go out on a date with you that you are going to be bitching about everything the whole dinner. We’re our own worst enemies sometimes in that regard.
In addition, if you are having a piss about something; like I said above keep it simple. Don’t go into some long winded who shot John bullshit story or litter your page with lines about how you don’t believe in true love because you’ve been burned in the past. Women not only look at you if you display yourself this way as a spineless jellyfish with no confidence but also that you aren’t confident about yourself.

It’s the same reason that some people are the class clown when they are in school. Some of us were really funny and some were doing it just to get attention. The ones that were doing it to get attention tend to get the least attention because the people around them know it was manufactured.

If you start going off like the president of your local chapter of emo people, it’s going to drive woman away by the truckload. All that does is say you can’t get over shit easily and you have this never ending need to display how sad you are all the time. They want a man that can be a man and cry when it’s only necessary, not somebody that spits out diatribes mimicking Dashboard Confessional lyrics every time he stubs his friggin toe.

So don’t do shit like that to get attention. You’ve got enough cool things going on to naturally draw attention to yourself. Keep things positive because otherwise the women that are perusing your advertisement will think you’re off your nut and should be avoided at all costs.


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