5 Ways To Use Facebook To Get Women – Part 2

5 Ways To Use Facebook To Get Women - Part 2

Carefully Choose When To Update Your Page


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It is of the upmost importance to make sure you keep your profile updated regularly. Now why is that? If you go an extensive period of time without posting updates about what’s going on with you no matter how trivial they may seem to you, women that you are interested in may think you are off the market. Regular updates show to women that they aren’t wasting time talking to you because they know that they will get a response from you eventually.

What you don’t want to do is be one of those “Facebook people”. What I mean by that is one of those folks that every time they step off a curb with their left foot they are posting about it on Facebook. Every time they are standing in line for concert tickets and they get two spots closer to the box office window they are posting about it. There are some people that use Facebook to get with women and fail miserably because they just cannot resist giving people a real time journal of how exactly their day is going. People like that scream attention whore like they have fifty megaphones lined up in series in front of each other.

So if you’re going to update your page, be judicious with how you do it. Once or twice a day usually works best. It lets the women you are after know that you’re available at reliable times and not one of those people that sits on the ‘Book all day long like a stalker. Plus, if you update after you get off of work for example, you’re bound to have something interesting to say. Added to that, it shows that you use Facebook as a means of entertainment and relaxation; not as a crutch because you have nothing better to do.

Be A Smooth And Sexy Talker


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Believe it or not, there are a lot of great ways to start a conversation with the opposite sex and almost all of them can be translated and modified to be used on Facebook. Pickup lines, although frowned upon can actually come to your benefit a great deal of time when trying to break the ice on Facebook.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

Say you’ve got this girl that just accepted your friend request. You literally don’t know anything about her other than her name and what she looks like. Now if the first thing you ask is something like where she got her wonderful smile; every single one of her friends is going to see that. First impressions count, and if you’ve won her friends over the battle is half done. Her friends are going to be privately needling her that she needs to keep talking to you because you seem like such a sweet guy.

Compliment everything, but remain true to who you are. If you are after a woman because she’s hot, don’t just make a blanket statement saying you love her taste in music. Chances are, you probably couldn’t name three songs by her favorite band and she’ll be able to see through your bullshit immediately. Compliment her music, but give a stinger at the end where you suggest another type of music. That way you see if she’s into anything that you’re into without telling her that her music might not be your cup of tea. What that shows is that you’ve actually read her profile and not stopped at her pictures.

Keep Up To Date Photos


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There is nothing more than I hate in this world than people who are out trying to get people online and use a picture that’s too damn old to be considered a reasonable likeness. More often that should legally be allowed, people use pictures from when their hair was longer, shorter, gained weight, and generally make them look nothing like the person they resemble at the present. People like this should be locked up.

Yeah, we’re all shallow and we don’t want to talk to anyone that we don’t consider attractive. If your pictures are making you look ten times better than you do now; you are performing a great disservice. Because guys, we’ve all been on that date that got set up online where we only had a vague idea of what the girl looked like through her Facebook pictures. So when we meet up at whatever designated location we have arranged, we get that look on our faces when the person walks up to us and says hello because we have to stop for a moment to try and recognize them from a picture that was probably taken years ago.

So don’t be guilt of this yourself. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of the look. It’s a soul crushing experience to say the least. It’s not fun for the other person because you’ve given them a set of false expectations. Imagine if you went to an electronics store to purchase a television and when you got home there was a goddamn toaster in the box instead?
I’m not saying to take a new picture every day because that would be damn near creepy. Just every so often, once a month or so take a new picture of yourself. You don’t chance that much from month to month. At the very least the woman whose favor you are trying to curry will know she’s getting the product that she’s buying.


A lot of what I’ve just said is common sense. Don’t come across like a sad sack or some guy that spends every waking minute of the day updating everyone on your life. Nobody needs to know that much about one person that early in the game. Just follow these rules and you’ll be lining them up around the block in no time.


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