7 Reasons Women Find Bald Guys Attractive – Part 2

7 Reasons Women Find Bald Guys Attractive - Part 2

Baldness Equals Maturity


bald man
Quite simple, nobody looks at a bald guy and thinks what a young punk he is. The reason is that simply, some bald guys are more mature that guys of the same age that are blessed with a full head of hair. They have questions coming at them from all sides about their hair, or lack of it in this case. Every person that walks up to them has this little look that they get given that asks, “so what’s the deal with the hair”? Everyone wants to know why they are bald, as if it’s the first time it ever happened.

This constant confrontation steels these men of little hair and makes them thicker skinned. As you also may know, people with thicker skin tend to give the appearance of being more mature simply because you make a bald joke about them they are going to look right through you because guess what junior, it isn’t the first time they’ve heard it. Standing stoic and unassuming always looks more mature than a guy that’s cracking jokes about other folks’ appearance.

Also, added to the fact that even if a guy doesn’t shave his head voluntarily, time and nature will take hair away from a man. You see a guy that’s got less hair than you and it doesn’t look like he took a razor to it, it means that he’s weathered more storms than you and it more equipped to handle any situation.

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Bald Guys Look Manlier


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I watch a great deal of mixed martial arts and traditional boxing. When I am watching a fight and I see two contestants and one of them is bald, I automatically assume that the guy with hair is going to get knocked back to the third grade and will be spending the rest of his days sucking food through a straw.

It’s because that for some reason, bald guys just look like giant killers. You go into a bar right now and just scan around for two or three random guys. Look at those guys and decide in your head in a span of a couple of seconds which one would be most likely to be able to cripple you with one hand. It’s going to be the bald guy every time because a head of hair sometimes indicates a level of boyishness.

That and there are some guys that just shouldn’t wear baseball caps. You see a guy with a lot of hair wear a baseball cap, he looks like a friggin six year old. Now, you take that same guy, shave him bald as the day he was born and put that had back on his ass. He will look like a goddamn Yukon lumberjack.

Many Good Looking Celebs Are Bald


bald 6
I could set out to name a list of good looking celebrities that is a mile long that don’t have hair. Bruce Willis, who I think has always been quite the good looking man actually looks better than he did in the first stage of his life now that he’s shaven himself bald with a slight assist from Mother Nature. It’s so strange.

I know people that are a bit younger than myself that have never seen an actor like Bruce Willis before with hair. They are only familiar with his later work post hair and when they see him in an earlier role they look at him like something is wrong. The hair was actually a detriment in his case because when you think about it, being an actor they can put wigs and shit on you anyway; so why worry about going bald.

High Testosterone


bald 7
If a woman is chatting with a guy at the club and he happens to be bald, she’s probably going to go home with him. If that’s the case, she should request to make one stop before they arrive at his humble abode. That’s to stop at the store and pick up a bag of ice; she’s going to need it.

It’s proven scientifically that one of the reasons why men go bald involuntarily is because of a higher level of testosterone. This means a higher than normal libido so ladies never really have to worry about a guy not being in the mood. Not that guys with hair are never in the mood, but bald guys are in perpetual beast mode when it comes to that.


In closing, bald guys don’t really have it as bad as one would think when it comes to dealing with ladies. In many respects they give off an air of distinction, toughness and sexual ability that many people with a full head of hair just don’t have. I bet if I listen closely, I can hear the sound of razors scraping against skin right now.


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