25 Reasons Why You’re Broke – Part 1


1. Women

womenBeautiful women like expensive things

If you are not careful, you can end up spending lots and lots of women for attractive women. I’m not saying they don’t deserve them. Just maybe you don’t have to be the one to get things for them.  Find a credit card where you can afford the minimum payments.  Or get a piggy bank for Christ’s sake.

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2. Eating Out

Eating OutLearn to cook, you lazy bastard.

An expensive meal can be nice once in a while for a big date night or other occasion, but eating out frequently will add up.  The internet is basically a giant cookbook.  I’m sure that you can find something relatively easy to make that you won’t screw up.

3. Clothes

clothesIf it were up to you, no one would wear clothes; well, maybe just not attractive women. Anyways, you spend too much of your hard earned money to look good. Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” isn’t about you.

Get a nice suit, but don’t overpay. It’s not always all about name brands (unless of course you’re in a line of work that requires you to be a jerk).  And quantity does not rule out over quality in this case.  If you have fifty shirts, but they are all terrible, guess what?  You have fifty terrible shirts that nobody would want to be buried in, and it’s not like you can return them all for store credit.

4. Gambling

GamblingIt’s called “gambling” for a reason.

Gambling might be fun, but in the long-term, in the end, the house always wins… and that means you’ll be the one who loses!  If you do decide to go gambling, do it on something where you can sort of decide the outcome.  People that spend money on crap like slot machines should just have a large man take the money from you when you enter the casino.

5. Alcohol

alcoholThe more you drink, the more you spend… on more alcohol.

Also, when you’re drunk you don’t realize how much money you’re spending. It’s never fun to wake up hung over and find a big fat zero as your bank balance.  Try to limit yourself to a reasonably small number of drinks during the week.  Remember this, in some drinking establishments the draft beer is much cheaper than the bottled beer!

6. Going Out

going outA night on the town is a healthy necessity for any man. Several nights on the town a week will make you penniless in no time.

If you can’t afford to go out much, you just have to accept that. One or two fun nights a month and not going into debt will be better for you in the long term. If you spend too much money all at once, you will regret it later when you are unable to do anything fun at all.  And don’t agree to be the guy to pay for everything.  They have words for people like you, idiots.  Get everyone else to chip in.

7. Video Games

Video GamesFun, but the games themselves can be expensive.

Rent games if there’s a place by you that offers that service. Or, you can buy lots of games online at a greatly discounted price. This will allow you to save money while still being able to maintain your hobby.  Or, if you have a powerful enough computer don’t be embarrassed to bust out an emulator.  People will sort of think you are cool with all these classic games available to you at the touch of a button.

8. The Movies

moviesWho doesn’t love a good movie? At $13 a show, your wallet doesn’t.

Only see a movie in theaters if you really, really, really want to see it!  Otherwise, you’ve been around the internet for long enough to know that there’s places where you might be able to see that movie you want at less than market value.  You may have to deal with a foggy picture and shadowy figures coughing through the whole thing, but you would have gotten that if you would have paid full price anyway.

9. Your Dog

your dogHe’s cute and helps you pick up girls, but he’s a costly little fellow.

Dog food is more expensive than you think! Also, unexpected vet visits and pet meds can be ridiculously expensive.  Make sure that if you do get a dog that you can pay for any potential emergency that will come up.  And they will.  If you can’t afford to pay for when the dog’s butt falls halfway out of its body, probably not a good idea to get one in the first place.

10. Sporting Events

Sporting EventsEven less fun when your team loses.

Spending money on a sporting event is a huge gamble because you could end up spending tons and tons of money to have an awful experience because your team is defeated.  Season tickets are a joke as well.  You’re almost guaranteed to be disappointed.  Would you spend money on something else if you knew you were going to be disappointed?  Perhaps now we get each other better.  If you’re going to go to an event, make sure it’s a game you wouldn’t be doing the wash while watching if you were at home.

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