25 Reasons Why You’re Broke – Part 2

25-Reasons-Why-You’re-Broke-–-Part-211. Vacation

vacationMaybe you shouldn’t have gone to Cancun for Spring Break.  Maybe you should have booked the plane ticket a little bit cheaper.  Perhaps the room was far too expensive.  Maybe the hangover wasn’t worth what you spent on alcohol.

Nevermind, it was worth it.

12. Apps

AppsCandy Crush is free… until you pay for all those damn extra lives.

This goes for all of the other phone apps out there too! Just don’t even enter your iTunes password or credit card info onto your phone; it’ll help you from wasting money on games like these.  Hell, if you’ve got enough Facebook friends you can essentially go e-panhandling to get them to pay your way through the game.

13. Music

MusicReally? You pay for your music? Come on now.

NOTE: I do not condone stealing music illegally from the internet and would never do such a thing personally.  I’m just saying there’s ways of getting music you like without having to pay full market value for it.  Like swap meets and yard sales….yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about.

14. Kids

kidsI don’t have children, but I hear they can be fairly expensive.  The average kid in the United States for examples is said to cost well in the six figures to raise to adulthood counting college tuition.  Think about that the next time you are sitting in the Maury Povich chair. These kids were all adopted by Angelina Jolie later that day.

15. You Charge Too Many Things On Your Credit Card

You Charge Too Many Things On Your Credit CardIt all adds up.

It is not a good idea to use a credit card for too many things unless you absolutely have to.  If you’re using your credit card at the gas station and saving the paper money in your wallet for a rainy day; you’ve got your priorities completely backwards.  Greenbacks don’t charge interest.  Least they don’t yet.

16. Transportation

TransportationWhether you travel by car or plane or train, traveling costs a decent amount. (Unless you are a nerd and travel by bike.)

Transportation is also something that you may not realize you are spending so much money on. This is why it’s a good idea to keep track of where all of your money is going!  If you travel by train regularly, check your local rain line for some programs they might have to make your costs go down just a little bit.

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17. Hobbies

HobbiesRemember when Beanie Babies were cool?  Well, turns out anything that isn’t edible or burnable in a car usually depreciates in value unless only about two or three of them were printed.  That means that those twelve hundred Beanie Babies you bought for a buck a piece and saved for all these years are now worth twelve hundred and two dollars.  Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not a damned investment.

18. Not Tracking Your Spending

Not Tracking Your SpendingPay attention, fool!

Learn to make an Excel spreadsheet and create cool pie charts like this one! (Well, you do not really have to do that, but pie charts are rather fun to look at. I like the pretty colors.)  But make sure you keep track of how and what you spend.  Most of you got smart phones.  You also probably have a bank account.  Well, most of you.  The rest of you, download your bank’s e-banking app.  You’ll be able to find out exactly how much money you have at all times.

19. College

collegeTo be learned costed me a lot, but it be worth it. Now me grammar good.

In America, college is a complete rip off. If you do not have rich parents who will help you pay for it, or get a scholarship, you are basically screwed (or you can not go to college and spend your life working at the drive thru at McDonalds).  Or just figure out the litany of forms you have to fill out to get financial aid you don’t have to pay back.  Don’t be one of those suckers with student loans!

20. You Were Fired

You were firedMan, it sucks being fired. It probably was not even your fault. The economy just sucks. Or it could be because you showed up to work late several times in a row as an indirect result of any of the first nineteen things we mentioned.  I’m guessing it’s probably because of your Beanie Baby collection.

21. Car Crash

Car CrashYour car was destroyed in an awful car crash. Thanks heavens you’re okay!  But that insurance deductible is going to cost more than you think.  So it might be a good idea once the stitches close to get a bus pass for the time being.

22. You Don’t Buy Things When They’re On Sale

You Don’t Buy Things When They’re On SaleShe likes sales and so should you!

People end up spending money on things they do not need just because they are on sale and think that they are getting a great deal. This is how sales trick people and why stores have them.

23. You’re Lazy

You’re-LazyIf you don’t work (and weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth), you won’t have any money.

If you are as cool as this cat, it is okay that you are being lazy. However, you are not as cool as this cat. Too damn bad.  So go out and get a damned job ya lazy bum!

24. You Made Bad Investments

You Made Bad InvestmentsYou’re the victim of a Ponzi Scheme!  Look, any time somebody you barely know tells you to give them money and they will turn it into a big sack of money; you’re going to get had.

25. You Were Robbed!

You Were Robbed!This last one is pretty much out of your control.  What you need to do is not keep your money on your person.  Keep a bunch of small bills in your wallet, and separate from your credit cards when you go out.  That way, when they take all the money from your wallet it will seem like they actually accomplished something!

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