4 Ways To Get That Awesome Beach Body Women Will Love – Part 1

4 Ways To Get That Awesome Beach Body Women Will Love - Part 1

Over the course of the next couple of months you’re probably going to be at a beach or near one. You are going to at some point have to walk around without a shirt on. Oh dear, you’re going to have to show off your body.

As guys, we are handicapped when it comes to displaying our bodies in a beach setting. Unlike women, we don’t have fancy scarves and whatnot to cover up our bodily imperfections. So we’ve got to get in shape so we can get the women. Here’s some ways to set you on the path of getting that body women will fall over.

Choose The Right Swim Trunks

beach 1

I’m not joking here. Just as off the beach, where a good bit of fashion sense can be the difference between you getting up near a woman and going home alone with sand in the crack of your ass. This may surprise you, but I’m not going to recommend wearing Speedos under any circumstances. The fact is you are basically giving away the whole damn store.

Think about it for a second, if you chose Speedos to wear to the beach all your twig and berries are on display for whatever woman you are talking with to see. No matter how good of a conversationalist, no matter how good your abs may look; all the woman is going to see is the outline of your penis poking through what little fabric makes up one of those god damn banana hammocks. To some women, it might be no different than you just walking around with your bits just flapping in the breeze.

The apparel piece of this puzzle cam be completed very simply. Choose a pair of swim trunks that land about midway to your thigh. Don’t be one of those goons that wears a pair of shorts that go below the knees like those pants that women wear sometimes that we can’t figure out are shorts of pants. Don’t be one of those guys that goes for multicolored stuff. Remember, you want to stand out. A plain color in a sea of multicolored trunks will always stand out.

Remove All Excess Body Hair

beach 2

If you’re looking for the perfect beach body, one of the biggest things that you have to remember is that it’s not winter anymore. You don’t have to keep a thick level of fur surrounding your entire body. This means that some modified forms of manscaping might be in order.
We’re not talking about going Michael Phelps Olympic level clean. You don’t have to be as smooth as a newborn’s ass to get with women from the beach. What we’re talking about is proper levels of clean. Nothing bugs me more personally when I see a guy at the beach that possesses all other possible qualities for hooking up with a chick, but he’s as hairy as can possibly be. This applies to everywhere.

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If you’re one of those guys that thinks that you’re going to be able to pull that same smooth sit in a coffee shop with a beard like a college professor bullshit to pick up women that you did in February, it isn’t going to work. First of all, it’s going to be warm. I’ve made the mistake of going to the beach with full beard, and I would just get awkward stares from women like I’m one of those guys from Duck Dynasty. Shave it down to a goatee, or even better yet shave the whole thing. If you are lucky and end up with this woman for more than a week; then you can surprise her in the winter with how great your ass looks in a beard.

Armpit hair maintenance is an absolute must. You don’t want to be playing volleyball with some chick that’s in Cabo with her friends for the week or something and have that nasty thicket looking them in the eyes every time you to go spike the damn ball. Take that area, set the clippers to two, and get that taken care of.
Chest hair is usually a pretty grey area when it comes to women. Some like none at all, some like a little bit. But be warned, you show up on the beach looking like George The Animal Steele and you’re going to be going home looking like George The Animal Steele. If it looks like you’re wearing a sweater, it doesn’t matter how many sit ups you did that spring.


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