4 Ways To Get That Awesome Beach Body Women Will Love – Part 2

4 Ways To Get That Awesome Beach Body Women Will Love - Part 2

The Workout


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Now for probably the most important aspect of putting the whole package together. You can maintain the building and find a good coat of paint all you want. If the building is falling apart, everything else is moot.

Now, you might be sitting there right now having not worked out in years. That’s fine, there are plenty of guys that have put together workable beach bodies in a month or two. Remember something, you don’t have to look like one of those bodybuilders that appears to need help wiping their own ass; you just have to look like you’re in shape. If you look like you have at least been working out, the women will notice that. If you already look like a Greek god, I’m certainly not going to say that this will hurt either. If you’re starting from square one, by the time you get to the beach you will at least look like a constantly improving project. Women love that shit.

You might be wondering where the hell you find the time if you’re one of those forty hour a week guys to fit a workout in. Good question, but I’ve already got an answer ready for you. If you’re not in the mood to make the trek to the gym or can’t afford it for some reason, nature has already figured out an alternative for you. It’s called every damn thing around you!
The key when developing a good beach body that will get women looking in the right direction is toning. You can tone something up in a month or two, it can damn near take years to bulk. So don’t worry if you don’t have twenty four inch pythons for the summer. So worry about toning.

Back to what I was saying. When you come home from work, you probably sit and watch television for a couple of hours, eat dinner, watch more television and then go to bed. Instead of letting that precious time go to waste, use that crucial amount of time after you get home to your advantage.

Yes, absolutely turn the television on. Turn your favorite show on, and do your workout right there. A lot of the reason people turn off from working out and end up wearing a shirt to the beach every summer is because they don’t utilize their time properly. The key to the at home workout when it comes to getting a beach body is calisthenics.

Yeah, I know. The stuff that the physical education teacher had you do at the begging of class. It may seem like a moot point going them because you don’t feel the immediate sense of accomplishment like you would bench pressing a couple hundred pounds, but building a good body is a marathon. Go and try to lift your body weight a few times. You won’t develop any kind of tone in just a week or two.

What you have to do is develop a basic workout routine that you can do at home a few times a week standing in front of the television. Every day, bring the number of each exercise that you do up just a little bit. It won’t be long until you’re doing a hell of a lot more squats than you did on day one and how easy it became. Use the same mentality people have when playing video games. Look to improve your score each time. Trust me, do this and you’ll improve your scoring chances once you step where there’s sand everywhere.

That’s not to say to completely ignore your weight training and using cross training machines. Of course you should get a gym membership that you utilize at least a couple of times a week. Go hard when you are there and use the weights and machines to fill in the gaps that you just can’t work on doing lunges at home. Look at the home workout as the recovery day that you take from the gym.

The Diet


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Unless you are a millionaire, you aren’t going to get with a women on the beach looking like a god damned slob. This is why it is of the absolute importance that you watch what you are putting into your body.

It doesn’t matter how much working out that you do; your body still has to process the material that’s being put into it. You’re probably one of those guys that likes to go out and party on the weekends. That’s fine while you are trying to put together a beach body that women will fall over. However, there are a few things that you should stay away from.

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First one would be staying away from any kind of beer that isn’t one of those low carb ones. There’s a reason they call it a beer belly guys. When you drink one regular sized bottle of beer you might as well be eating a loaf of bread as far as your body is concerned. If you are going to drink when you go out, stick to hard liquor or at least find that low carb stuff. Chances are any club you go to, especially one near the beach, will have at least one low carb alternative.

The other obviously are the foods you eat. There are certain foods, mostly fried ones that the body simply takes longer to metabolize. What that means for you is that while you are doing your workout, no matter how hard you may be going with it; it is going to take your body longer to turn all that energy into muscle. Stick to grilled chicken and try to consume as much lean protein as possible. Lastly, despite constant razzing by your friends when you go out, don’t feel strange about being the one guy at the table that orders a salad. If you do it right, a salad can contain just as much protein as that slab of charred beef the rest of your buddies are eating.


When it all comes down to it, if you put in the little bit of work each day that you need to slowly build yourself up you will have a body that will scream potential partner for any woman at the beach. All you have to do is watch what you eat and treat your body like the temple that it is.

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