5 Flirting Secrets You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger – Part 1

5 Flirting Secrets You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger - Part 1

Face it, when guys are in our teens or early twenties we’re really flying blind in the wind when it comes to talking to girls. We think we have our game down, and we are the kings of flirting with women. For most of us, any time we got with a girl it was pretty much blind luck.

Some of us don’t really know the true secrets to flirting until later on in life. We wish we could go back and tell our younger selves the stuff we know now so we wouldn’t have to suffer all the slings and arrows that come from not knowing what the hell we are doing. Here’s some flirting secrets I know you wish you knew then.

Brain Scramblers


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secret 1
Basically, these are statements that make absolutely no sense in any way shape or form. They sound completely screwy in a playful and flirty way. When you bust out a good brain scrambler, you’re actually saying the exact opposite of what’s happening. They in effect make the girl stop in her tracks for a second and go, “now wait just a minute”.

There’s a couple of different types. The first one would be the “I” statements. One would be if you walked up to the girl, introduced yourself and then immediately remarked about how shy you are. Another would be if you walk up to her smiling like you just won the lottery and tell her how sad you are.

The second type are the “You” statements. They are things that can be as simple as you making her laugh hysterically and following things up by telling her to stop making her laugh.
If you do this with the proper body language, such as a clever smirk or even the way you’re holding your hands; it’s going to get the girl to listen to you and pay closer attention. It’s the same reason that people slow down near the site of a car accident. The site of a car leaning parallel against the side of a tree is not an everyday occurrence. It crosses our wires and gives us somewhat of a holy shit moment.

A good brain scrambler will cross all of those wires and smoke screens that women have to deal with and get her to listen because at the very least you’re doing something different than just coming up to her and saying that she’s hot.

Teasing Questions


secret 2
People like to laugh and they like to be teased. Even if they don’t express it outwardly, people like to have lighthearted jabs poked at them. It’s the reasons why celebrity roasts are so popular. In a nutshell, teasing questions are when you specifically ask questions in a very playfully manner that imply good things about yourself or you and her together.
The reason why they work so damn well is that they are clever, funny and a little bit overconfident on your part. Even if it’s a staged confidence, women love it. Remember, when it comes to women the meek certainly don’t inherit the earth.

The proper way to use them is simple. At any random point in the conversation just ask her questions that imply something awesome about you, or you and her together.
I saw this put into practice when I was out wingmanning for a friend of mine at a club not too long ago. He was talking to this girl for about fifteen minutes or so in a very packed club. Must have been a couple of hundred people there. Ironically enough, they were just about in the geographical center of the room.

The guy looked over at the girl and asked if she could imagine how jealous every guy in there was going to be when they got married. This was the first night they knew each other mind you. A little bit of serendipity came into play as an ex-boyfriend of hers happened to be in the club. The girl looked over at her ex, who was with a woman that was not nearly as pleasant looking as she is. She then remarked about how the ex was going to probably drive off a cliff if he ended up with the chick he was with and she ended up with him.

When it comes to teasing questions, you always have to put the girl over. Make it seem like the funny you are making is directed at her in a positive light and you will always without fail be given it back tenfold. But don’t expect her to answer. She may not hear you, she may not get the line you are going with. Say it because it makes you feel good and if she feels good in turn it’s a bonus.


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