5 Flirting Secrets You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger – Part 2

5 Flirting Secrets You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger - Part 2

Future Adventure Projections


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Now these are fun. Future projections are exactly what they sound like. You sit there and make up future adventures that the two of you are going to on and have fun talking about them. It could be something as simple as waking up at dawn and driving two hours to that farmer’s market that her parents used to stop at on driving trips when she was little all the way to a backpacking trip through the mountains.

The reason why they work so damn well is because the emotional part of the brain just can’t decipher what is real and what is imagined. In the moment, they will both feel the same to her so if you tell her that you’re going to take her to some sunny beach in Miami or something like that so the two of you can play in the sand together; the emotions that this girl will feel are going to be very similar to what she will feel if and when the two of you actually go through with it.

It’s the same principle behind the saying that half the fun of a vacation is planning. It’s why they make the planning stages of a caper in a movie the most interesting. When either of you are talking about something you want to do, like go skydiving or whatnot, talk like you’re already planning the whole thing in your mind. And if it’s something that the average person wouldn’t do out of fear, even better. Make it sound like you do want to go skydiving, but you’re afraid of heights and would need her to coax you through it. Remember, women always want to feel in charge. If you make her feel like you wouldn’t have done it without her, which leaves her with a good feeling. Even if you’re just planning it at the moment.

Past Adventure Projections


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These are the same as Future Adventure Projections. Instead of making up some grand adventure the two of you might go on in the future, you conjure up a memory between the two of you that could have happened in the past.

The reason why they work so well in cutting through the initial layers of a woman is that an imagined past memory can often times cut deeper into her emotional circuitry than a future one. Going back to vacations for a second, it’s why you hear people talk about vacations that they took almost in the same high regard as vacations they are planning.

When you’re trying to influence a girl, create a timestamp for how long the two of you have known each other. If you’re closer to high school, make up something about how you two had a class together and were lab partners one time. She’s not going to have the resources at the moment to fact check this anyway.

Say something sort of playful like how the one time the two of you were lab partners she dropped something under the desk and leaned under to pick it up. You swear up and down that her hand brushed up against your thigh and for years you’ve been wondering if it was accidental on purpose.

One word of caution. Don’t used past projections on a woman that you haven’t known that long. For these to work you have to have given the girl a certain amount of time to build up a level of comfort with you before you start telling her about wacky adventures you’ve went on that she’s forgotten about.

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Make Ridiculous Requests


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If you ask for something that’s completely absurd and do it sort of jokingly like there’s a part of you that thinks you deserve what you are asking for, it very well may happen. The reason is, people that are assertive tend to get what they want. Sometimes, no matter how ridiculous the request a person will end up with exactly what they think they deserve. Simple really; expect big things and you will get big things.

If you act the opposite, you will severely limit yourself. So when you go off and make a big absurd request, make sure she knows that you’re joking. Do it though, in a manner that says too her that you wouldn’t make the joke unless a part of you truly believed that you deserved it. If you treat yourself like a somebody, no matter how ridiculous you do it you will be treated like somebody.

One time I did this and I combined a couple of other tiny little things to make it work for me. Me and this girl were sitting on a bench in a park in the middle of the afternoon. I saw a food truck that was sitting on the other side of the park. I looked at the girl and told her that I would love to walk over there and get a sandwich with her. I made up a story about how my knee was bothering me after getting whacked with something at work. I asked her if she would walk over to the truck and get me a sandwich, telling her that she could get what she wants too. Handed her some money and off this woman went to get me a sandwich.

Could not believe it, she came back with everything AFTER standing in a lunch rush line that was twenty minutes long. Even came back with some pain relievers for my “knee injury”. If you act like you deserve things you will get them, even if you ask for a solid block of chocolate the size of a refrigerator.


These are just a few in the long list of flirting secrets that we all could have used when we were young, dumb and stupid. Maybe if we used some of these instead of just walking up to a chick and telling her she was hot we probably would have all gotten laid more in past times.


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