5 Manly Principles To Live An Amazing Life – Part 1

5-manly-principles-to-live-an-amazing-life-part-1So you want to live an amazing life? Good decision! (It’ll be much better than leading a mediocre life!)

You may go through many different stages over the course of your life. There will be times when you are living a mediocre life, times when you are living, and, unfortunately, times when things are going not-so-well for you (hopefully these times will be few and far between). When things are bad though, they can always get better. In fact, when things are good, they can always get better too!

So how do you improve your life and make it even better and better?

Here are five principles that real men follow in order to live fulfilling lives.

1. “To thine own self be true.”

To thine own self be true.My 8th grade literature teacher used to say the above line from a Shakespeare play all the time. You didn’t do your homework? “To thine own self be true.” Got caught cheating on a pop quiz? “To thine own self be true.” Basically, don’t lie to yourself above all else.

Could you try to lie to him? Sure. Would you succeed? Maybe. But you’d know deep down that you were not being true to yourself. And that’s what should bother you the most.

He was a pretty smart guy, that Shakespeare. And obviously my teacher picked a good line as his favorite since it stuck with me and I’m repeating it here. It’s our first manly principle to live by: Don’t lie to yourself.

Don’t be one of those guys that are like the fake gangsta rappers in the movie 8-Mile.  You know the type of person and this trait isn’t strictly limited to people in the music scene.  But to set the scene for those that haven’t seen the film I’m talking about the people that rap or sing about life in the ghetto and tell you about how hard life on the streets is.  Then you perform a little background check on them and find out that they live in a million dollar home that their mom and dad pay for.  If you’re what is commonly referred to as a poser people will find out eventually.

Shakespeare looked like a pirate.

Shakespeare looked like a pirate

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This is not limited of course to music or performing arts.  We’re also talking about the guy that talks up a big game about training for mixed martial arts, then you go to the gym to sign up yourself and you find out that the only class he actually takes is aerobic kickboxing.

This can apply to just about anything. A small example would be cheating on a test (maybe not so small depending on the level of the exam you are cheating on). A larger, way worse, example would be cheating on your wife. You could lie to your professor. You could lie to your wife. However, you will know the truth and you will have to live with it. This is definitely important to remember.  When you’re not true to yourself, you tend to be lying to everyone else.  That will piss people off more than the truth.

2. Don’t Lie!

dont-lieOMG! Me too!

“To thy own self be true”, but also don’t lie to others. I’m not talking about little lies here (i.e.: “You look great in that dress, honey.”). A small white lie to help spare someone’s feelings can be fine depending on the situation. Sometimes a small white lie like this is better for everyone involved.

What real men don’t do is tell big lies. This is easier said than done as sometimes the truth hurts. It’s one thing to tell somebody that the dress doesn’t make their ass look fat or that the pot roast was excellent even when you’re gnawing at it like a beaver through a log building a damn.

We didn’t do it

We didn’t do it…

It’s an entirely thing altogether when a lie that you tell begins to negatively affect someone’s life.  Take for example when you are with a woman and you know you are just there for the sex and she’s there for something much more.  If you just man up and tell her that you don’t really see too much of a future between the two of you, she’s going to be pissed.  She’ll probably throw things and cause injury to your body that will at the very least require you to bust out a few Band-Aids and some rubbing alcohol.

What you are preventing by nipping things in the bud by being honest about the situation is the lack of respect she will have for you down the road once she realizes that you have completely wasted her time by not letting her go out and find a man that wants to be with her as much as she wanted to be with you.  People will be pissed at you for being honest a lot of the time, but at least they will respect you in the end.

(See earlier examples under Principle Number 1.)

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