5 Reasons Why Some Women Are Hard To Get – Part 1

5 Reasons Why Some Women Are Hard To Get - Part 1
It’s often been said that if you’re going to learn a new language that something like Chinese or French is going to be difficult to understand if you’re not immersed in the language from birth. That being said, there is one language that is a hell of a lot more difficult to grasp. It’s the art of learning Womanese and actually being able to interpret it.
It’s not the woman’s fault that she’s playing hard to get with you. It’s not your fault either. There’s a lot of dark forces at work here my friends. Hopefully, I’ll be able to help you spot them.

Logic v.s. Emotion


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If you’ve ever been in an argument with a woman, you can probably raise your hand and say that you’ve never really truly won the argument. It’s all in the difference of ways that men and women communicate as a whole.

Men, we’re logical. We’re very direct and most of the time like you get to the point in the quest to either solve a problem or get information. We’re also extremely physical in our communication. We’re with a girl we like and what’s one of the first things we always try to do? Come up with some intricately planned out way to grab the woman’s breasts. We’re the ones that most of the time come up to a girl and initiate contact.

Women on the other hand come equipped with some government level top secret ways of communicating. A great deal of this comes from the fact that women don’t like social discomfort of any kind. It’s not their fault. It’s only in recent decades that they’ve been told that they don’t really have to act the way that society thinks and expects them to act. Look at it this way, if you had a turtle and told him he didn’t have to act like a turtle anymore; he would probably still act like on out of sheer instinct.

So what does this all boil down to? It comes from the different drives that men and women have. One being the need and want to have a family and kids. It’s a very feminine drive, because remember what I said a moment ago. For thousands of years they were the ones that stayed home taking care of the children while we went out and hunted wooly mammoths with a stick or something.
Where does all of this come from? Where do these differences stem? My next couple of points I’m going to talk about where these differences emanate from and some of the things that happen because of the ways that women socialize.

Social Awkwardness


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If you’re a guy that’s absolutely gob smacked about the fact that your woman hates any kind of awkward situation, it’s because they’ve been conditioned to follow very strict rules of conduct and hierarchy. In other words, they’re not as inclined to step on toes as us. The hunter/gatherer thing again.

When a woman is out at a club or something, they play very intricate games because of this stuff they’ve been hardwired to accept as reality. Give you an example, say you’re talking to a girl at a party. Chances are she’s going to be more open to do any given thing if she’s had a few drinks in her than if she just sat there drinking Shirley Temples the whole damn night. It’s got nothing to do with the girl being a party girl. It’s all about the fact that it takes an intoxicating substance to make her either shut off or ignore the giant flashing sign in her head that is saying, “WHAT WILL SOCIETY THINK OF YOU”.

It’s because of the fact that women hate socially awkward situations that they like being hit on, if done correctly. If you hit on a woman and do it correctly, you’re going to end up going home with her at some point. The reason being is that you were able to lift those notions of being socially awkward out of her head. You come up like Quagmire from Family Guy, and that flashing sign in her head becomes much more easily to pay attention to because your actions are setting off the alarm bells of all the things she has been hardwired to feel are improper.
You’ve had women in your life that you’ve had no romantic interest in for one reason or another. If you’ve been doing your homework, than you have been secretly studying them and learning what stuff not to do or say in front of a woman(at the least, a sober one) that would make those alarm bells go off.


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