5 Reasons Why Some Women Are Hard To Get – Part 2

5 Reasons Why Some Women Are Hard To Get - Part 2

Social Programming


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Alright, remember what I said earlier about women having this social hierarchy that they almost seemingly have instinctually programmed into them? That stuff gets programmed into them damn near at birth. Look at any movie or television show where there is the birth of a daughter. At some point during this “very special episode”, the dad(ironically enough, it’s almost always the dad) picks the daughter up, looks livingly into her eyes and say something about keeping all the boys away from her until she’s in her thirties.

Women have enduring years, if not decades for some; of sexual brainwashing. From about the time they could walk their parents have been teaching them to say no to any boys. If you’re wondering why that girl you liked in kindergarten wouldn’t admit to liking you even if you were set on fire in the parking lot; that’s why. It’s not just parents that do this stuff. Many churches and organizations do this. Just about every religious organization or abstinence group instill, incorrectly in most cases, that if a girl even publicly shows physically that she likes a guy she’s going to be damned to hell or some nonsense.

So from very early on, women have been taught that sex is a taboo thing. Society tells girls to stay virgins until they are married, or at the very least are in a long term relationship. There’s some merit to it. I mean, women can get pregnant. A guy can literally have sex every moment of the day and not have to worry about anything other than getting an STD. Chick only needs to have sex once to become with child.

It’s not as bad as it was decades ago where they sent unwed mothers to special homes, but there’s still definitely a stigma there. Besides, even if she isn’t a teen mom or something like that; girls that freely give it out like running water from a tap often get looked at the women that don’t. The societal programming is really strange with this. A girl that has had sex with twenty five guys in a calendar year will always get looked down by the girl that’s just been with twenty three. It’s simply because she’s

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Social Hierarchy


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If you ever kept the weird kid or the nerd from sitting at your lunch table when you were in high school, you’re guilty of the following. Ever since our youngest days we’ve put people into different groups like I’ve mentioned above.

You know the drill by now, the popular kids are picked first. The quarterback of the football team almost always ends up as homecoming king. Generally speaking, our social structure flows from the bottom up, like an ancient Egyptian pyramid. With that really wide part at the bottom representing the kids that aren’t cool; the dorks, nerds and so on. There’s a lot of them. The cool kids are at the little tiny part of the pyramid because there are so damn few of them in comparison.
Cool guys want cool girls. So what happens when you get a cool guy that wants to get with a girl that’s a virgin? The girl gets her wires crossed like you wouldn’t believe with all the social programming and whatnot and tell the guy no.

Why does this make shit so hard for us later on? Because we get mad when the girl won’t get down with us. We sit and think what bitches they are and that they are teases or prudes or something. Girls really can’t win in this regard. If they do it with you they get picked on. If they don’t they get the prude stigma.

Remember, it’s not their fault if you’re doing everything right and you have to wait what seems like an eternity for a woman to get with you sexually. They’re playing by those hardwired rules I spoke about earlier and are trying to interpret all the signals that are coming from outside and the ones inside her head that are basically saying, “Everyone will think you’re a whore if you sleep with him”.

You can’t really get all that upset, because we create the whole mess just from the fact that we come along and say hello to them. Hell, each one of us probably has a laundry list of sexual issues to begin with ourselves.

The Guy’s Role In This


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Because of everything I mentioned above, women are going to be naturally standoffish when speaking to guys that seemingly pop out of the sky on them. So pushing the levels of interaction forward so you can eventually get with her is going to be your responsibility.
That means that almost every possible way that things can be escalated, from saying hello to getting her over to your place for “coffee” is going to have to come from you. Don’t bitch about it, we’re the guys that get things done; right?

Besides, women are more attracted to guys who lead, even on the lowest rungs of society. If you work in a fast food restaurant, chances are a girl will want to go out with you if you’re the manager as opposed to a register jockey. See, even at the lowest levels that hierarchy shit will bite you.
Of course, women because of all these societal rules can play the plausible deniability card at just about any point they want. What this means is that they can explain their behavior so they don’t have to take the responsibility for their behavior if something goes amiss. If you’ve ever heard a girl the morning after say, “I was so wasted I can’t believe I did that”, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Everything you say and do should have a good reason attached, but make sure to cloud the reason a little bit so you can get through the smoke screen that hundreds of years of social programming has put up. Just remember to never make anything her fault. If you’re going to express some kind of exasperation at her because she’s not immediately jumping in the backseat of your car; be playful about it and she can laugh it off as a joke instead of hearing it like you’re marking her as a tease.


Women are difficult to deal with sometimes, there’s just no way around it. Every girl is different and each one has their own rulebook that you have to learn. If I haven’t been able to tell you how to get past all the roadblocks, I hope at the very least I’ve given you an idea of how to at least spot them.

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