5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys – Part 1

5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys - Part 1

The old saying goes that nice guys finish last. We see this in practically every segment of society at times. Despite the best efforts of the guy that tries to be nice and kind to everyone, they never quite catch the brass ring. Take a look at Steve Jobs for example, of course he may have seemed like a wonderful human being for bringing us the IPod and all; but in reality he was the perfect example of a bad boy. Bad boys tend to not care. This is why some women absolutely love them.

They Make Them Feel Young Again


bad 1
Especially in cases where women have gone through a divorce or a long relationship where they had the life literally sucked out of them, women tend to gravitate towards bad boys for this reason. They remind them in a way of some punk kid that they dated in high school. Women that are in this situation don’t want another version of the stodgy shit for brains that they just got rid of. They want a guy that can stir some shit up!

Not saying they want a guy that will go around setting things on fire or randomly beating people in the streets. Most younger people are doing that anyway. Your typical bad boy is the type of guy that is amazing in bed and has absolutely no qualms about showing it. He’s going to take all the inhibitions that time and bad luck have beaten into you and rip them right back out.

Women love this because although they might not go after a bad boy for long it helps them get back on the market. It’s like if you have a professional ballplayer that gets hurt and he’s out for a year or something. You don’t immediately stick him back into a high level of competition. You put him in a lower league where he can fine tune his skills so when he does get to the higher level he doesn’t make a complete ass of himself.

They make women feel good, albeit for a short time because they want to have anyone around them having a good time at all costs. So don’t be surprised ladies if you’re out with a guy that seems like a bad boy and wants you to drive to Mexico for no reason other than to pick up a Coke.

They Make Their Friends Jealous


bad 2
Women talk more shit about each other than any collective group on the planet. If you get a grouping of three women in a room and they are talking; one of them will eventually excuse themselves to go powder their nose or whatever the hell it is. Most likely checking Facebook on their phone. Anyway, the second that woman leaves the room the other two will start talking shit about the one that left. It’s an undeniable fact that has been around since the days of cave people.

They’ll sit and snipe about how their friend looks so sad since she got divorced or that guy dumped her because she’s starting to fade in the looks department or her clothes or many of the ridiculous things that women snipe at each other about.

This is where the bad boy comes in handy. They shut catty bitches like this up. You really want to make your friends jealous, especially the ones that have husbands that work twelve hour days at the office and are probably getting it on with their secretary? Plan a night out with the girls and have your bad boy man drop you off on his motorcycle. That will leave their jaws dropped down to the point where people around you are stepping on their friggin teeth.

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Of course like any good woman friend, they will start talking shit about the boyfriend the second they go to the bathroom. However, after they go home back to their meek husbands who barely have enough time to get coffee in the morning before having to go off to do some important business; they will secretly wish that they were that third friend they were talking so much shit about before. They will wish that they were her and secretly worship her as if she was a golden calf.


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