5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys – Part 2

5 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys - Part 2

They Have Super Confidence


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Bad boys are great for women also in the respect that they almost seemingly don’t care about what other people think. Now, this may be a manufactured facet of their personality that they just use to pick up women. Chances are you may not be with the guy long enough to figure this fact out.

These guys have a level of confidence that seems to never waver no matter what scenario he’s placed in. You want to start running every red light in town to see how long it would take if you didn’t have to wait every other street corner? He thinks he can do it and he’s in. His confidence of course is not limited to actions that would get him featured on the evening news.

A bad boy that exudes true confidence is usually well enough in shape and through tattoos uses his body as a mural to represent various stages in his life. If he’s a true bad boy, he didn’t get there overnight. He earned the title through weathering several storms that give him the I don’t care attitude.

This translates well to the bedroom. You date a bad boy you know that you are going to get a night of amazing sex for one reason. He goes into things knowing he’s a winner and is going to come out on top every time if you’ll pardon the expressions. Especially if he’s a younger guy he goes into shit without realizing that he may fall deep into a pit of failure with you. He may be bad because that’s literally all he knows. But his youngness is infectious and his confidence makes you feel young again.

They Have No Limits


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Face it, and this includes you, bad boys really don’t care what they say or how they say it. They don’t really care about what other people think. That’s why they may be inked up to the gills. They tend to operate on the fringes of what some people consider normal.

That’s another key reason why women love these guys. People have been conditioned to be civil. You’ve been through it all before. You’re at some gathering and somebody publicly says something about you and you have to sit there silently, nodding your head and smiling like a jackass because you don’t want to cause a scene.

Your typical bad boy’s presence alone tends to cause a scene, so he doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about jumping up and telling people to go to hell. This eventually gets you to come out of your shell and start telling the people around you what you really think. They also come in handy when you would normally be telling him that you have to work in the morning if he suggests riding motorcycles till five in the morning just because it felt like the right thing to do.

Besides, one of the greatest ways that these fellows come in handy is if you’re having a problem with somebody and it wouldn’t otherwise be acceptable for you to confront them. A guy that can truly be called a bad boy has no trouble whatsoever calling somebody on their bullshit and will tell them off for you. They have the talent of looking like the conquering hero by telling that piece of trash you’ve been wanting to tell to go to hell to do so. So much in fact that sometimes said person will end up bending over backwards to kiss your ass because they don’t want to deal with incurring the wrath of the bad boy.

They Don’t Play Games


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Bad boys don’t need to play games. Their confidence and brazen attitude makes it easy for them to tell you what they are thinking and why, and expect the same from you. This kind of straightforwardness might make some women uncomfortable, simply because they aren’t used to it. For example, if you meet a bad boy on an online dating site and he’s interested, he’ll let you know in no uncertain terms that he’s probably a snake and that you’re probably going to get bit at some point. Bad boys are also passionate and hard headed when it comes to their beliefs and convictions, but don’t be afraid to disagree with them because they find strong women to be absolutely sexy.

You get what you pay for with a bad boy. They pretty much tell you up front what they feel. However, while you think that this may be a bad thing because it may open the two of you up for an argument down the road, if you manage to tame a bad boy enough to where he wants to settle down with you it becomes a whole different ball game.

When a bad boy finally lets his guard down and reveals his softer, more nurturing side, he’s simply asking for acceptance. That kind of vulnerability is completely endearing because you feel like you’re in on some little secret. He trusts you to love him even when he’s not being a “bad boy.” These kind of guys are surprisingly attentive, caring and sensitive, because when they do decide to let their defenses down, they take it pretty seriously. You’ll be one lucky girl, and you’ll quickly stop seeing his as a bad boy…he’ll be your good guy. There’s nothing that women love more than a guy that can be docile and kind most of the time but turn it on like a complete crazy man when they get the signal to do so.

One of the most pleasant things a woman can see is when her and her bad boy boyfriend sit down to watch a movie and he starts crying at a part that even you wouldn’t. They don’t screw around in any aspect of their lives, even if it means having to let their guard down a bit.


The thing with bad boys, is that they come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll find guys that are considered bad because they are in a biker gang, or guys that simply don’t act the way society thinks they should. It may not be a long ride in most cases, but with a bad boy you are bound to at least have a good time.

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