5 Reasons You Need Dating Help – Part 1

5 Reasons You Need Dating Help - Part 1

Some of you reading this may be gazing through the paragraphs here without any need of assistance when it comes to ladies. Congratulations, you probably don’t need anyone’s help. However, you may be reading this in the aid of a good friend or you very well may be that good friend that needs some help when it comes to dating. You might be wondering exactly why you aren’t doing so well in that regard. Here are five reasons why you probably need some dating help.

You’re Looking For A Soul Mate


Reasons 1
While back in the day your grandparents probably prayed that their future spouse would be the caring sort that would be an endless deposit of knowledge of how not do burn everything she cooks or that he would be able to fix everything using pliers and his heat vision; it seems like too many people in today’s world are strictly out looking for the one they know they are going to be with for the rest of their lives and beyond.

Face it, if you’re dating there is a good chance you aren’t going to find what some call a soul mate for a long time. You’re probably going to go through several years, several thousand dollars and a shitload of heartache before you find the woman that’s perfect for you.

Most of the time when guys are dating , we get clouded by lust into thinking that this woman that is lying unconscious next to us in post coital bliss is our soul mate. She’s not. More than likely, she is just the woman we’re sleeping with for the time being. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go near any woman until you’re totally sure that she is the one you are going to spend the rest of your days with. You’d might as well pack up all your shit and go live in the mountains if that were the case.

Doesn’t mean you have to go after every single woman you see either. One of the most truthful statements that can be said in the early stages of two people dating are when one of the two says that they are having fun right now and want to see where things end up. It doesn’t mean they just want to wait until you’ve bought them an expensive enough gift to where they feel they can check out without coming away empty handed. It just means that they are interested and really want to say how things go. They don’t want to hurt your feelings when they realize down the road they don’t want to grow old with your ass.

If you’re one of these guys that seems to be habitually looking for a soul mate, stop right now. Part of dating is that you’re supposed to be having fun. So get out there, have fun and not expect anything. That way when the girl you are looking to grow old with does fall out of the sky you enjoy it more because you weren’t expecting it.

You’re Dating Online Only


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If you’re single and you’re not a member of the Amish community, chances are you’ve attempted picking up a woman at some point over the internet. I think it’s been enough time where when people tell other people that they met someone online that they aren’t going to get looked at with leering creepy stares.

Forming the building blocks of a relationship online is a good thing. It helps some of us guys that may be shyer than others break the ice with a woman in a situation that is more comfortable to us. Girl says no to us online, we can simply click on the next profile or watch a stream of Dr. Who or something.

But it shouldn’t be the only spot we go to? Why is that you ask? Well for starters, overabundance of choice makes you less likely to find somebody you want. It’s the same reason they don’t tell you to go grocery shopping hungry. You’re going to fill your cart up when all you really went into the store for was paper towels and cheese.

It’s that overabundance of choice that makes guys narrow their criteria down to little bitty things that normally people wouldn’t have thought of just a decade or so ago. Twenty years ago, if a guy was at a party he tried to go for the best girl he could find. Now, we got databases ranging in the millions on some times where the guy can pick and choose and even select sub-criteria to find the absolute perfect match.

There is no perfect match for you in almost every online dating scenario. Even if you think to yourself that this girl you are about to send a message to is absolutely perfect, you failed to factor in one very strong variable. She may not be into you, based on some ridiculous criteria.

So what you need to do is mix things up a little. For every two girls that you try to chat up online, make sure you toss in one girl that you met in a real world scenario. Find someone, maybe that cute chick at the bookstore or the waitress at that restaurant you to go lunch at every day. At least then you’ll get some practice for when you eventually have to meet these chicks you’ve been talking to online.

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