5 Reasons You Need Dating Help – Part 2

5 Reasons You Need Dating Help - Part 2

You’re In The Friend Zone


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You may know several women that think you’re just the best guy in the world. The most caring friend and an absolute all around wonderful person. If you’ve got more than a couple of these woman if your life you may want to sit down and seriously rethink some shit out because you are stuck in the friend zone. Once you’re stuck there you’re never going to get out with them.

The reason being is quite simple. Having a guy that’s in the friend zone as far as a woman is concerned is like having a month trial to an online streaming service. You get all of the benefits that you want out of it without any commitment. You don’t have to worry about the guy calling you hounding you about who you were screwing last week. You also have a pre made shoulder to cry on when things go rough in her relationships. You’re an emotional tampon.

Emotional tampons like yourself never get anywhere with women because they never really show what a great relationship match they could be. They just sit there and accept that awkward hug at the end of the night where you two were just hanging out. And that’s all it’s going to end up being is hanging out.

Having one girl that you’re stuck in the friend zone with can be healthy. It could actually be a blessing in disguise that you might be able to do all this low risk research on what exactly makes women tick. However, don’t let it grow to more than one woman and don’t get taken advantage of. If women that might actually be interested in you romantically see that you’re getting played by too many women with the “He’s such a good friend” bullshit story, they’re never going to talk to you.

You’re First Relationship Was Amazing


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One of the big reasons why you may needs some serious help dating is that you are unfairly setting the bar too high for everyone else. The reason is that you were actually CURSED with the fact that your first relationship was amazing.

This is not to say that you should hope that your first relationship should be like the movie Sid and Nancy. Everybody should endeavor to find someone they are compatible with all the time. However, because things were so unbelievably awesome you’ve set a bar so high that no girl that comes in the future will be able to keep up.

If your first relationship was passionate and carefree, you might be in for a shock when your current girlfriend tells you she doesn’t want to go rock climbing that weekend because she has to get shit done for work on Monday. If you’re still dealing with this curse, you’ve probably had a great lapse in when your first relationship was to where you are now. In other words, you are judging on outdated criteria.

Say you’ve been bouncing around the dating scene for a few years or even longer since your first great relationship. A lot of shit has changed since then more than likely. What you need to do is judge every relationship on its own merits and take stock of things as they come. Things are never going to be the same more than once in a lifetime. It’s unfair to a girl that you were with to try and make her fit the same mold that some girl years ago set.

You Believe What Television Tells You


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You may sit here and think that I am about to tell you that you should completely throw out all of your romantic comedies and strictly focus on what the real world has to teach you. Wrong, but I’m also going to tell you that with any information you take in you should be careful and look at it more closely.

The problem with most relationships that you see portrayed on television or in the movies is that a good portion only focus on the beginning of a relationship when everything is running on all cylinders. The sex is great and everything is great all of the time. The girl is waking you up every morning on top of you kissing you with her breasts in your face.

There’s just one problem, people in the movies don’t get sick. They don’t get mad at each other over little things and then not talk to each other for three days.  The thing here is that you aren’t going to have that wacky best friend to help dig yourself out of the hole that you created. You may have to figure out how to fix shit on your own. Sucks doesn’t it?

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My advice to you would be if you’re one of these guys that thinks that everything that happens on television is going to work is help yourself. Put the thought into your head that if it’s on a TV it’s probably bullshit and wouldn’t work in real life in even the best scenarios.


In closing you probably don’t really need that much actual help. You probably don’t need a team of dating experts to tell you exactly where to go and what to do. A lot of the times you can simply just help yourself by taking stock of your situation, and figuring out where things may not be working as good as you thought.

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