5 Romantic Movies That Assure You Are Getting Laid – Part 1

5 Romantic Movies That Assure You Are Getting Laid - Part 1

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There’s nothing more attractive in this world to a woman than a guy that is an absolute romantic. Sure, having an expensive car and a lavish dinner are nice. However, eventually the car will rust and the plate will be empty. So there has to be something long after those have outlived their usefulness that will get you in bed with a woman. Movies are usually a good bet, because they ensure that the two of you will be sitting close to each other. All of these are available on some format that’s digestible in the cozy environment where the two of you can have a private moment. Timed right, you’ll have to re-watch these five romantic films again because you got halfway through before you were deep in the throes of passion.

The Notebook


movie 1
Even though most romantic movies whether they be comedic in nature or a serious tale of romance tend to follow a bit of the same formula, The Notebook breaks the mold a bit is that it’s not exactly a linear point A to point B story. This one goes back and forward so many times it can makes one’s head spin.
Our story is about two young folks that are terribly in love with each other yet get separated by distance and time and years later come back together. They eventually rekindle their relationship and spend their lives together.

Here’s why this one is sure to get you in good when it comes to the sex department. The reason this one is told as a flashback as the main male character is visiting a woman in a nursing home and is reading her a story about the two aforementioned people. The twist is that the man and the woman are the person the guy is reading the story about, and the woman is the poor man’s wife who has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease and doesn’t remember the name of the man she’s been in love with for sixty years or what he looks like.

It ends with him finishing the story, then them spending one last romantic evening together where the two die in each other’s arms quietly in their sleep. Agreeing to watch this one will get you laid for the sole reason that women want a man that will take care of them through thick and thin. They want to know that if there’s a guy out there that will go get her soup at three in the morning when she has the flu that he’ll stand by her when she can’t even remember what he looks like anymore.

Even if something like this isn’t exactly your cup of tea I’d highly recommend this one for the fact of it’s an emotional rollercoaster that if you shed one tear during the woman you’re with will think you’re one of those ultra sensitive types that she’s been trying to bag for a long time now. Expect great sex after watching this one with a woman. Or at the very least, the two of you fall asleep and you wake up and she’s on top of you. A win either way.

Gone With The Wind


movie 2
This movie is always a sure bet as well. A story of love in the pre-Civil War and post Civil War era of the United States, this movie has been getting guys laid for over sixty years. Why is that you ask?

Well, first of all, the movie is about four hours long. If you’re watching it on DVD and you get the version that has the intermission from the original theatrical showings left in, about the midway point you’ll have a great opportunity to initiate some sexual goings on while not disturbing the watching of the movie. Some women when watching a romantic film don’t want to kill their bubbly mood by pausing it to get down or to have to rewatch it later. This movie is so long and so able to get guys laid it came with its own built in sex break.

It’s not a fly by the seat of your pants fall in love at first site movie like most made today are. They really slow cooked this one for a great deal of time, as I don’t think Rhett and Scarlett even held ungloved hands until at least an hour and a half into the movie. It’s also one of those ones that may give credence to the principle of the revenge fuck. Throughout the movie Scarlett marries various guys just to make the guy she’s really in love with jealous. She’s practically a professional by the end of the movie.

The main reason why I think this movie ensures that you’ll get some from a woman watching this is that, and by the way the movie is sixty years old so don’t bitch about spoilers, near the end of the movie the guy does get the girl and she doesn’t realize she’s in love with him and it’s too late. Rhett throws in the towel and Scarlett is back where she began all by herself.
The ending to the film will get you some for the fact that if you’re doing everything you can for a woman and she might have the idea that she may not be doing her part in more ways than one; this will push her off the cliff into giving you the best sex you may have had to date. Chances are she has a copy of the movie, so if you’ve gone over to her place and she pops in this one; don’t expect her to bust out the flannel pajamas. The scenario for you two will more likely end up like a KY Warming Lubricant commercial.

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