5 Romantic Movies That Assure You Are Getting Laid – Part 2

5 Romantic Movies That Assure You Are Getting Laid - Part 2



Oh hell, the modern version of Gone With The Wind. A lot of people when this one came out sort of clowned it before it was ever released saying that they already knew the ending because the ship had sunk around a hundred years ago. While the movie may get your boat a rocking, it has nothing to do with the ship at all.

The reason that this movie will get you laid is because the movie really has nothing to do with the sinking of a boat with a bunch of rich bastards on it. That shit is actually the window dressing. The movie is really about a girl stuck in a shitty situation with a guy that she can’t stand, who gets rescued figuratively and literally by the guy she would have least thought of in that role based on her social status.

You may be a broke son of a bitch, but you may be the love of her life; even if you were only together for a few fleeting moments before the boat you were on hit a big friggin iceberg. Women take messages like that to heart. If you’re around a woman that’s watching Titantic you might as well start getting undressed the moment Jack starts drawing Rose like one of his French girls. Women love the notion that a guy will give his life for her comfort.

Which is why this movie will get you laid. If the woman is into you and she’s having doubts, she’ll honestly start thinking that you could get into a car accident on the way home and that you would have died not knowing how she truly felt romantically about you. This one doesn’t have an intermission like Gone With The Wind, but it still long enough to ensure some sex at some point during the movie. Thank God for tearjerkers and pause buttons.

Fifty First Dates


movie 4
This one may be a little lower on the getting you laid scale than Gone With The Wind or Titanic, but it will work in a pinch with the right girl who shares the right attitude. This one is about a guy that falls in love with a woman who got in an accident and suffers from severe short term memory loss. She can’t create new memories and the last thing she can remember is before the accident, with anything that happened with each day wiped away every time she goes to sleep at night. In other words, she relives each day over and over unaware of this.

Step in Adam Sandler’s character, who despite his hacky wackiness, does shine in this role. He plays the guy that when finding out about her condition tries over and over again to win her affection learning a little bit more about her each day having to start from scratch the next.

This will get you laid, especially if you’re one of those guys that has gotten knocked down time after time but remains persistent with a woman. This one may not get you laid immediately, but it’s certainly one she wouldn’t mind screwing you through. Because if anything this one tells a woman that if you’re anything like the main character you will do everything to win her over even if it takes a million years.



movie 5
If this movie doesn’t get you laid, you may as well cut your genitals off and donate to science so they can try to figure out what the hell was wrong with you. Starring the late Patrick Swayze, this movie has been getting guys laid since before the premiere viewing of this film first finished in theaters the first time. It’s a tale of romance that tugs at a woman’s heartstrings like she’s being pulled around by an Olympic bodybuilder.

For those that haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy that dies way before his time and comes back as a spirit to tie up loose ends. His wife gets the notion that he’s floating around somewhere and goes to a medium to get him to show himself. The movie has sex all over the place and they should just as well put captions in the film that tell you to pause and start screwing.

For starters the first scene of the movie is practically designed to hand deliver a woman to your bed. The two main characters begin the movie by basically having next in a pile of clay next to a giant pottery wheel.

The other big stop the movie moment is near the end of the film where the spirit of the man materializes in front of his wife and kisses her. That simple scene alone will get you laid because if a woman starts to thinking that you would return from BEYOND THE GRAVE for one last moment with her, she will clear the dishes and have a go with you right on the dinner table.

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A small warning. You’re not going to get laid every single time. Maybe the girl just put the movies on because she’s sad. But more often than not, you watch these with her and you’re bound to get some sooner or later. One last thing, don’t be the one suggesting these movies. Let her suggest, then nod your head and smile. You suggest these, a woman will instantly think you’re looking for sex, and freeze you out with a night of Harold and Kumar and a set of flannel pajamas.


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