5 Sickeningly Simple Steps To Getting Out Of The Friend Zone – Part 1

5 Sickeningly Simple Steps To Getting Out Of The Friend Zone - Part 1
There is a saying that nice guys finish last. Now, the previous statement may not be completely true. Some nice guys do finish first. Not every single nice guy in the world finishes last. However, when guys don’t finish first we get stuck in a place that makes us feel like the woman we are after tossed us off a damn bridge.

I’m talking about the vast wasteland known as the Friend Zone. It’s like being in line for a roller coaster we will never get to ride. But you can get yourself out of that quicksand and get that woman that’s just friends with you to want you romantically. Here’s five ways to do it.

Break The Nice Guy Stereotype


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Most guys who find themselves stuck in the friend zone are often pigeonholed with many of the traits associated with being a nice guy. You know, talking to her at three in the morning when she’s crying on the couch with a pint of ice cream when her date that night turned out to be a real asshole.

So to aid in your effort you might have to halfway bust yourself out of that nice guy stereotype. If you’ve been labeled a nice guy, it means that you probably without even realizing it try to avoid making people uncomfortable at any cost. Except at the cost of not communicating your own needs. When you’re romantically interested in somebody, you don’t really want to pressure them into a relationship or ruin the friendship entirely by making a move. You keep that line of thinking up too long and it sends a signal to people. That signal is that your feelings don’t matter. They may think that you have low self-worth, which makes people not want to be with you.

Women love confidence. If you come across as confident at the expense of the feelings of the woman you want she may end up getting those romantic feelings about you that you were hoping for. Look at it this way, if you’re the type of guy that spends Thursday nights watching romcoms with a woman because you’re such a good friend; maybe you need to change it up a little. Call this woman up and very politely mind you tell her that you’re going out with some of your male friends. Women take this as looking for women to be with sexually. Even if you strike out on that particular at bat, when next Thursday comes around she’ll be thinking of maybe you want more and that might get to re-examine her own feelings about you.

Level The Playing Field


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Although I am not a proponent of jealousy, you can use it to your advantage in this case. Not in the sense that you should feel jealous because of the other guys she is talking to, but quite the opposite. She’s your friend and she cares about you just like you care about her. If she sees you flirting with other girls, she’s going to be a little jealous. She’s going to appreciate the fact that you aren’t all over her and you can act natural around her, even if she is the girl you are solely interested in.

The best thing to do when you’re around your friend and a bunch of other girls is to socialize with people other than her and let her do her own thing without becoming too concerned about what she’s up to. Even though it might feel like she doesn’t notice you talking to other girls, she does. And she’s slightly jealous. It’s human nature. She sees you talking to another woman at the table or at the party or whatever, and the first thing that’s going to pop into her head is the question of why isn’t he talking to me. It’s the same way companies get people to buy expensive electronics. Say you’re in the market for a new television. You go into the store and you see the display of televisions and they are all showing some special effects action movie. The logic behind this is the same as what I’m saying here. They want you to see what you are missing by not buying this television.

Basically, the best thing to do is stay on her level until you find the opportune moment to make a move on her. Looks of jealousy at her and the other guy she is talking to isn’t attractive. It makes you look needy, desperate, and, really, it’s emasculating. From my point of view, jealousy isn’t a man’s thing, it’s a woman’s. Women can wear jealousy a lot better than men can. Jealousy just makes us look pathetic. Also, if she sees you flirting with other girls, she’ll find more of a reason to take interest in you. She’ll be able to witness you pressing all of a girl’s buttons and, consequently, it will give her more of an urge to have her buttons pressed by you. Make her think of you in a way she’s never thought of you before.

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