5 Things To Talk About On A Date – Part 1

5 Things To Talk About On A Date - Part 1

It’s practically a disease that should be researched by modern science to find a cure for. More often than not, too many guys once they secure a first date with a woman often screw things up because they don’t know what in the blue hell to talk about.

Either they bore the poor woman to tears or say something that gets her so mad she throws her drink at you and takes a cab home. Either way, you’ve got to go into the first date with a battle plan that will lead you to a second date and beyond. Here are five things to talk about that will ensure you success.

Worst Dating Experience

worst 1
Everyone likes to tell stories about themselves, even if it’s an embarrassing moment. If you’re out on a date with a woman, unless she has been living under a rock you’re not the first guy she’s gone out on a date with. Hate to break it to you, but that’s just the way it is.

The first date is all about the “getting to know each other” questions. That should make up the entire dating conversation. Not getting into heavy stuff, just lighthearted things that make the two of you feel at ease.

Asking a girl about her worst dating experience works on two fronts. First, if the girl is somebody that may be shy it could get her to come out of her shell. When people are in front of large groups and have to speak they freeze up because they simply don’t know how the audience is going to react. When it’s down to one on one, they become more comfortable.

Secondly, it indirectly provides us the information on what not to do without asking the girl what her deal breakers are. You’re supposed to be getting to know somebody as well as gathering information about how to not piss her off long enough to at least have sex with her.

One time I went out on this date where we were sitting in a diner having the regular first conversation when I was pouring a packet of sugar into a cup of coffee. As I was doing this, I asked her offhandedly to tell me about the worst date she ever had. What she told me absolutely blew me away.

She told me about how a couple of years before, long before we knew each other existed; that she went out on a date with this guy in the very same diner. They were talking and everything went well enough until she bent down to get something out of her purse. When she turned back around she told me that the guy was taking the sugar packets out of the little holder on the table. He may have even had some of those little packets of jam if I remember the story correctly.

She said that she had to sit and suffer through the rest of the meal like she didn’t just see the guy technically committing petty larceny. She told me that she wanted to get up and leave right then and there, and would have if he didn’t already know where she lived.

Little stories like this will help you put together a mental notebook for if things go on longer than the first date of what not to do in front of this woman. If she didn’t like seeing a guy stealing sugar packets the first time you should fully realize that she will explode with a blinding fury if she catches you doing it.

What Did She Want To Be When She Grew Up

grow up
Everyone, no matter how old they get or how mature they may be always carry a little bit of the six year old version of themselves. When we were younger, we all wanted to be something. Even if the dream was completely impossible, there was something that we all wanted to do when we got older and had the chance to try.

While that dream may have evolved and morphed into something different over the years, the original thought stays with us throughout our entire lives. It’s a thought that invokes a great deal of passion in any person. This is why this is such a good question to ask a woman.

Because whatever it is that she is doing now, chances are she had dreams to be something else. Perhaps she is living out that dream right now. Either way, it’s a good question to ask because it shows that you want to listen to what she has to say. When you ask a question with the words “what did you” in it, this displays your complete and total commitment to listening to her. That kind of question says that you are going to sit there, and chew your steak while she goes on for however it is that she goes on about what the six year old version of her wanted to be when she became a grown up.

This also works two fold as well. When she’s done talking, she’s going to subconsciously think that she is monopolizing the conversation. And guys, women worry about monopolizing the conversation more than we think they do. So when she gets done going on about her dreams when she was a little girl; she’s naturally going to ask you. You’ll have a captive audience to your tale, because you took the time to listen to her.


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