5 Things To Talk About On A Date – Part 2

5 Things To Talk About On A Date - Part 2

How Was Her Day

good day

While people often do very well when it comes to first date talk about getting the pertinent information like I spoke about a second ago, there’s one area that people tend to neglect that they could do better at. One thing that gets women thinking that you might be a catch is if you ask them what seems on the surface to be trivial stuff.

Something simple like asking a woman how her day went leading up until the moment the two of you met up is always good. It’s best used at the beginning of a date conversation, as it’s a blank slate that doesn’t seem like it has an agenda. Other than being a good conversation starter, it doesn’t. Because think about why it’s such a good thing to kick off the conversation with. Everyone, provided they are awake and moving, has either had a good or a bad day. They might be inclined to tell you about it.

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If she’s had a particularly bad day, asking this question will get you into her good graces without her even realizing it. Because, once again you’re asking about her. You’re allowing her to talk about her. Chances are she may be working at a job where somebody is acting like an asshole towards her. Once again, this gives her the opportunity to spout off.

Plus, say she’s had a really good day. This provides the two of you with an infinite amount of jumping off points to continue the conversation. Say she was on her way to work this morning and saw a line of people outside a convenience store. If she gives a little bit of a chuckle towards how funny she thought this was, use some creativity and tell her that you were in the line. Give a little bit of creative license to the story and tell her that you were standing in the line and they were giving out free donuts or something. Anything to keep her laughing and engaged.

Using this tactic is a good way to use those crucial first few minutes of the conversation to keep the good energy flowing. It provides with good back and forth so one of you isn’t sitting there bored out of your skull.

Her Best Memory

best memory
The key to making the jump from a first date into a second date is to make things interesting enough that the other person wants to come back for more. Most everyone has gone on a really awesome vacation at some point in their lives that they keep bringing up in conversation over and over. That tends to be somebody’s best memory is a really good time they had.

One real life scenario where I saw this tactic work is that I was on a double date with another friend of mine and when this subject came up the girl he was there with talked about how when she was younger her dad would take them camping every year for a few days. She went into pretty good detail about how she enjoyed all the setting up and planning, then getting to the site and just relaxing.

Fast forward a couple of months. The two of them had been dating and becoming very serious. He had a week scheduled off of work and decided to put his previously aqquired information to good use. He went out and bought a small cache of camping equipment. Not enough to survive in the forrest for weeks, just enough for the weekend.

He told her that he wanted to take her somewhere for the weekend. Not wanting to miss out on a good time with her man, she agreed. They took off driving and a couple of hours later he stopped the car at an entrance to this campground. When they got to the site she got out of the car and much to her surprise everything had already been set up. The tent, the shit for the fire, everything.

She knew from previous experience how much time it took to set all of this stuff up. Because of this, they ended up spending a very romantic evening sitting watching a roaring fire. Remember, date conversations are all about getting information to use later.

Confessing Secrets

confessing a secret
We’re not saying you should try to get your date to confess to the Kennedy Assassination or tell you that she robbed a series of banks in the Midwest of the United States, just little stuff.

Ask her with finesse; ask her to tell you something about herself that less than three people know. Don’t expect to hear any earth shattering stuff, just make sure she is comfortable with you first. Bargain with her. Tell her you’ll show her your driver’s license photo if she tells you a little secret about her.

That way, she knows she can trust you with the classified information she’s about to give because you’re giving out something about yourself.


Whatever things you might talk about on a first date, always go into it with two thoughts. One to impress her into a second date. The second should be to gather information so when you do get further along in the relationship you’ll already have a good primer on how to act with her.

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