5 Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date – Part 1

5 Things You Shouldn't Say On A First Date - Part 1

It stands with good reason to think that if you are reading this right now that you have finally secured that all important first date with that chick you’ve been talking to. Congratulations. Now that you’ve basically been selected to spend an evening with this woman, it’s time to drop some knowledge on you before you head out the door.
There’s certain things as far as dates go will cause a woman to wait until you go to the restroom and run out the door before you even flush. Certain shit should not be brought up on first dates, here are a sampling of them.

Anything Remotely Racist


date 1

It should be said from the outset that even though you might have R rated thoughts on your mind, you should almost treat the conversation you are having with the woman like you’re in a PG movie. Unless you are really feeling the strong vibe from her that things are going to escalate quickly, rule number one is to always choose what you are going to say quickly.

Which is where my first point comes in. When you are talking to a girl for the first time, you at most may know about five percent of everything there is about a woman. You’ve texted her back and forth and talked to her on Facebook, probably thinking when the date started that you knew everything about her. Wrong brothers, all wrong.

Which is why when you are across the table from this girl, don’t say anything that could be remotely be construed as racist or homophobic. The reasons are quite simple. For one thing, we don’t live in caveman times anymore. The United States currently has its first African American president and the National Football League just had a team sign its first openly gay player. It’s just not cool to think you can say things about people’s race or their sexual orientation anymore.

The way this concerns you and this date you are on is that like I said earlier, you really don’t know all that much about this girl you are on a date with. She might have a best friend that led her through some rough time in her life that just happens to be homosexual. And guess what, this isn’t the 1850’s anymore. One of her parents just might be from another race than she is.

Openly talking about race or sexual orientation issues in this day and age in a mocking tone makes you look like a complete douchebag. Even if she doesn’t fall into any one of the categories I brought up a second ago, she’s going to think you’re a jerk just for talking crap about people. If she does happen to fall into one of those categories, she’s going to REALLY think you’re an ignorant cave person and will suddenly have some fake emergency call come through on her phone.



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Once again, you want to spend an entire evening talking about religious issues, go find one of the million faith based dating services that are out there. Other than that, unless the date is at the church’s bake sale; leave the talk about religion where it should be.

If you are the aggressor in a conversation that is being centered about religious views, the girl is going to think that you are one of those type of people that think of yourself as superior to others based on what building your family prays in on the weekends. Women don’t want to hear that stuff.

It’s offensive to anyone to overpower a conversation when you are first meeting someone with religious overtones. It’s one thing to say that you occasionally volunteer at your church handing out turkeys as Christmas or something like that, but keep the preachy stuff out. People want to have a good time, not feel like you are trying to be converted.

The reason is that when someone gets overzealous in expressing their religious views to anyone that they barely know, that person is automatically thinking that you think you are better than them because of whom you pray to.

Time for a story people that I hope will further illustrate my point. One day about four years ago, me and my girlfriend at the time were about to pull out of the parking lot of a grocery store. This other couple isn’t watching where they are going and slams into us after crossing through some empty parking spaces. We both get out of our respective vehicles to exchange insurance info and I remark about how careless that was this person crossed through the empty spaces. The guy’s immediate response was to say that he wouldn’t do anything on purpose to hurt anyone because he’s a (religious affiliation).

That automatically made me think that this person was jockeying for some kind of supremacy by stating something that had no bearing on the accident. The point of that story is that when you bring up religion around someone you don’t or barely know, in that person’s eyes you are invalidating their beliefs. Then they are going to start thinking you’re either going to try to convert them or just looking to have sex with them.

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