5 Things You Shouldn’t Say On A First Date – Part 2


5 Things You Shouldn't Say On A First Date - Part 2

What’s Your Sign


date 3

This one just pisses me off when I hear it. Many a time I will either be out on a date or with some friends and I will hear a guy bust out a “What’s Your Sign” on a girl. Not before carefully getting out one of those little brushes that archaeologists use, taking great care to take it out of the box so the question doesn’t shatter into a million pieces, dusting it off and then asking it.

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Look guys, this isn’t the goddamn sixties or something. This says one of a couple of things to a girl. One of them is that you are basing the potential for a relationship entirely on some sort of astrological projection you had printed out to help you find the perfect woman. Astrology helps to some degree, but it should never be the end game in terms of determining compatibility.
Even if the girl does buckle and answer you, she’s going to be thinking ten minutes into the conversation that you’re going to be asking pointed questions to see how compatible you are instead of just having a fun conversation where you get to know each other. It shouldn’t have to be said, but the girl doesn’t want to feel like she’s on a damned job interview.

The other reason is that based on available information you had on the girl before the date, you should already know this stuff. Face it, people aren’t going on blind dates as much as they are anymore. I might grant a pass if you didn’t know the woman even existed before you sat down at the table and said hello; otherwise, this will sink you.

It will sink you because the girl knows you’ve looked at her Facebook about a million times before the first date. If you bust out this what’s your sign bullshit, she’s going to think that you’re out for nothing but sex. Partly because what’s your sign is a pickup line older than any other.

It’s also because it proves that you weren’t paying any attention to anything on her page other than her pictures. Guess what pal, know what’s probably on her Facebook? Her birthday! You know how they calculate astrological signs? By birthdays! It would take you about ten seconds of work if you had paid attention to something other than her breasts to know what her sign is. Asking what her sign is s a clear signal to the girl that how short or long this relationship might last, you’re not going to be paying attention to a damn thing she says.


Your Ex


date 4

Talking about any ex in any fashion, especially unsolicited is a definite no fly zone when it comes to success on a first date. The girl wants to get to know you, not the girl you used to be with.

Also, except in rare circumstances the first date conversation when it gets turned towards the ex is always negative. It’s almost always about how horrible the person was, how they cheated on you, was a nightmare to deal with and so on.

A girl looks at a first date as a preview of things to come. In that first meeting they are looking for signs of how you are going to be treating them a few months down the road. They start hearing you rattle off stories about your ex like a shell shocked war veteran and instantly they are going to think that if they get lumped into that class at one point then they are going to become the person you are telling stories about to the next girl.

The other reason it’s not good to bring up the ex on a date is that maybe the wounds are too fresh with whom you are spilling the beans about. You may be on the rebound from your previous woman and still haven’t removed her picture from your wallet. Which you should have done already by the way.

Even positive talk about an ex is bad because that’s going to make the girl you’re sitting across the table from think that she isn’t the one that you really want to be spending that time with.
You’d rather be with the other chick. This makes a woman think that you’re just using her as a holding pattern until the day arrives that your ex comes to her sense and runs back to you with open arms.

Your Baggage


date 5

Alright, it’s certainly one thing to talk about your parents or where you came from. That’s normal getting to know each other conversation. No harm there. However, if you turn the date into a sitting up therapy session with fine china where you unload to someone that’s damn near a complete stranger about how daddy didn’t hug you enough when you were little or about the gruesome divorce your parents went through when you were nine; the girl is going to run screaming as fast as her legs can carry her. The reason is that women don’t mind it if they get handed one small piece at a time over the course of a relationship. If you hand them a lifetime’s worth of baggage at once, they are going to think that bigger and worse shit is going to be handed to them. Remember, if you wouldn’t want to deal with something at the first date; she probably doesn’t either.


Sometimes first dates are like doing a jigsaw puzzle blindfolded. The whole point of a date is to get to know somebody better, not to unload your entire world view. Some things are better left unsaid, at least until you know where they store the coffee in their apartment.

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