5 Ways To Get A One Night Stand – Part 2

5 Ways To Get A One Night Stand - Part 2

Get Sexual


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Ok, now it’s time to move in for some serious body on body contact. You’ve got to dance with her and get real close. Put your hands on the side of her waist and stat whispering things in her ear. Use a lot of sexual innuendo, but not so much that she doesn’t understand that you’re just joking around with her.

It’s highly important at this point in the proceedings to imply that you wouldn’t mind a one night stand with her. But don’t come out and say it like you’re reading step by step instructions on how to install a television into a wall mount. Say it with some finesse and do it to where she isn’t sure whether you said what she thinks you said. Keep shit a mystery.

And make it known, subtly mind you, that you can always get with somebody else if she tells you to piss off. Act like you really don’t give a damn if she doesn’t give you the keys to the castle. Don’t act desperate. You start begging like Oliver Twist and all of her suspicions will be proven.

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Make Her Comfortable


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It’s a sad fact and an appalling one that a lot of women get raped during one night stands. By no means am I going to make light of this horrible fact and honestly wouldn’t mind pissing on the graves of anybody that did this.

That being said, it falls upon you; the prospective man for the evening to make the woman feel as comfortable as possible that she is making the right decision. Under no circumstances should you implement any of what I am saying onto a woman that’s drunk off her ass. If a woman is drunk enough she really can’t say yes to you with a clear mind. That and the fact that you got her with the aid of a crutch in the liquor and didn’t use any actual skills.

So make the woman you’re going after comfortable and show her that you’re not going to go after her. Matter of fact, go around to her friends and give them all every bit of your contact information. Phone number, email, all of that shit. Tell them that if she is upset with anything that happened after the two of you drifted off into the night together, that they are free to blow up your phone until you get so frustrated you have to throw the thing away. Give others she is close to the power to blow the whistle on your ass, and it will show that you aren’t a guy that’s going to take advantage of her.

Close The Deal


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The big key to closing the deal is to create some suspense. Say the two of you have gotten into a cab to go to wherever you two plan on going. Give her the option of where exactly you are going to go to get down. Not only does that give her the perception of power that she’s the one choosing, but it also makes another point that she can trust you.

The first choice of venue, if possible, should be her place. She’ll be comfortable in her apartment. Also, you’ll be able to make a clean exit if you don’t feel like sleeping over. She’ll be able to feel like she’s in control because it’s a hell of a lot easier for a woman to tell you to leave her place than it is for her to just get up and leave, for the fact of at her place she doesn’t have to call a cab to get the hell out of there.

The second choice should be to opt for neutral territory like a motel or hotel. You go to a hotel and nobody really knows if you’re there for a one night stand or if you are just two weary travelers who tried to make the whole driving trip in one night and decided that you just couldn’t make it and needed to stop over.

In third is your place. In the cases where we’ve settled on my apartment its usually been because at some point in the conversation I’ve said something to her about something cool I had. One time I got a tanning bed installed in my apartment. I got it for cheap ok, stop snickering. Anyway, I told her about this and she was shocked because she had an idea of how big my place was and couldn’t believe I could even have the room for one. I told her it was like putting a pool table in a bathroom but somehow I did it. The fact that I put that curiosity in her head about the tanning bed made her want to come over to my place.

Once it’s been made pretty clear that the two of you were going to be rolling around in the sheets soon, start laying in with the compliments. Start blowing her mind with how good you think she looks and you’re going to get her extremely worked up at the thought of spending the night with you.


People think that landing a woman on a one night stand in today’s word is like finding a unicorn on a rainy day. It’s still going to be difficult. You’re only going to get one shot at it with a woman. However, you listen to what I’ve said here and you will make that one shot perfect every time.


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