5 Ways To Get Over A Woman – Part 2

5 Ways To Get Over A Woman - Part 2

Let Yourself Grieve


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One thing I never understood is how some guys will slowly let out their feelings and drag out the whole getting over a girl process for what seems like weeks and sometimes months. I’ve heard that there’s even some percentage for how long it’s supposed to take to get over a girl based on the time you were with her. It’s bullshit. But you do need to let yourself mourn the loss like you would the loss of a relative or family pet.

Let’s face it, a part of you feels completely dead inside. You feel like you’ve been stabbed in the chest and the blade has made a couple of twists. However, there are some people that just grieve for a relationship for too long.

You’ve got too many guys walking around that do it completely wrong. They go the same way some people take when they quit smoking; they go from a pack a day to half a pack and incrementally lower the amount. Hardly ever works and when it does the chance of relapsing is higher. You need to quit this chick cold turkey.

You need to go on a detox plan with this woman. Take this case. Friend of mine had been going with this one woman for about a year and a half. They hadn’t moved in together but they were over at each other’s places quite a bit. My friend and this chick had been talking about getting a place together and the subject of marriage had come up a time or two.
Then, she lays a hammer down on and gives him some bullshit about the relationship not progressing. Anyway, she dumped his ass. He called me about an hour later and said that she had broken up with him. Sensing he might be in need of a friendly ear, I asked him if he wanted to hang out. He politely told me no and then I didn’t hear about him for two days.
No texts, no calls, tweets or Facebook messages. For two days, it is as if he dropped off the face of the earth. I was starting to get pretty damned worried. Some of us were thinking the worst.

Thank God we were wrong.

A couple of days after last talking to him, my friend called me up in the middle of the day out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go out to eat. I of course said sure, happy that he was for the moment safe. When I pressed him at dinner as to why he became a hermit for a couple of days he told me this.

He said that he knew he wouldn’t be able to logically talk about the relationship with me or anyone else if all he did was talk for a few seconds and then start crying like a baby. That and the fact that he didn’t want to bust out into tears in front of his friends, he knew that to think the loss through logically he had to give himself the space and time to get the crying out of his system. So for two days he locked himself in his apartment, and cried about it. Once he got through that phase of the loss, he was alright for the most part and could logically process what had happened.

As with any loss, you have to be able to grieve for the relationship that is now no more. If you don’t give yourself the time to properly do it without interference you’ll never really get past it.

Stop Doing Favors For Her


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This next one is just plain common sense. When you break up with somebody it means that they are now denying you access to certain rights that you had such as the right to be seen in public with them and enjoy the pleasure of their company.
You also have rights too. A woman breaks up with you; she doesn’t have the right to ask you to do anything for her anymore. She needs you to go by her place and make sure Federal Express dropped off that package she was waiting for, tell her no. Matter of fact, any favor that a woman asks you to perform post breakup that isn’t tied to a life threatening emergency you should tell her no. Tell her that would make things one sided and that isn’t fair to you. Hell, it might get her thinking how good she had it with you and get her to allow you back into the fold. That horrifically obvious sexual innuendo was completely intended.

Find Safety In Numbers

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You’re not the only one of your friends that has suffered a loss when it comes to romantic dealings with women. You’ve got to surround yourself with good people that will keep your spirits up and keep you from folding like a god damn accordion.


If you take any one of the methods that I outlined here, you will be able to get through a breakup. A woman breaking up with you is like getting a tooth pulled. Shit is going to hurt no matter what. However, if you use some of what I said, at least you’ll be using a bit of Novocain to dull the pain.

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