5 Ways To Get Your Woman Back – Part 1

5 Ways To Get Your Woman Back - Part 1

If you’re reading this then something has probably happened between you and your girlfriend where she has indicated that she does not want to be linked romantically with you anymore. As much of a bitter pill as it may be to swallow, you might not be the perfect man after all. But, all hope may not be lost. If you really want this woman and will do anything to get her back, here are some things that you can try to aid in getting her back in your good graces. And your bed.

Give Her Some Space


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If you’ve been recently dumped by a girl with the amazingly evil catch all excuse of “I need some space”, there could actually be more to it than she just doesn’t want to be seen with you right now. Maybe, just maybe you managed to piss her off somehow to the point where she’s questioning whether or not continuing with you would be a good idea. You know, the same way some people do a trial period of a service and cancel it after the first month. It might not be that she hates you now, just that she needs a moment to figure out if she wants to buy in for a recurring plan.

The worst thing that you can do if a girl tells you that she needs some space is to get in touch with her. Needs some space is also a horrifically evil code word for you temporarily lost the rights to certain benefits involving her, which includes you sending pictures of your microwaved mashed potatoes to her at two in the morning. You keep trying to get in contact with her and nothing will come of it but pain blues and agony.

It’s just the way people are guys. If somebody doesn’t want to deal with someone, and that someone keeps wanting to deal with them the other person is going to want to deal with them even less.
However, the flip side to this is that if you give her so much space that she doesn’t know what the hell to do with herself, eventually she might want to pull you back in. Get your minds out of the gutter, I’m trying to help you here.

Say a girl tells you that she wants or needs space. That’s fine. Taking a trip to the other side of the country and turning off your cell phone will ensure her she gets all the space she needs. This is a trick I like to call “Plan It’s a Wonderful Life”. Just like in the classic movie, if she wants to know what it’s like to be without your presence anytime she wants or needs it; then by all means give her the dose of medicine she’s asking for. Eventually, if she’s a good woman she’ll start calling around again. Don’t return those calls.

She will immediately start wondering exactly what the hell you were doing. This would be a good time to plan a trip to your mom’s or uncle’s or something. Eventually the din of the silence between the two of you will overcome her and she will make first contact. You’ll get some hellacious “Missed You” sex once you reconnect.

Don’t Immediately Run Back To Her


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If a girl dumps you on a Thursday, and she’s sort of on the fence about you; for Christ’s sake don’t go asking her to go do something on Saturday night. You’re supposed to be a man and men are supposed to be strong. So despite your instincts, don’t run back to her.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.

Take that week and spend it catching up on your favorite television show or going out drinking with the guys. If you have to, bitch and moan to your friends about how shitty the way she dumped you was. You’ll get a lot of support from the guys, because they’ve all been through this shit before.

For one thing, running back and trying to get back into her good graces immediately especially if you are coming across as begging makes you look like a spineless jellyfish that has no guts and will resort to debasing himself for her. A woman doesn’t want a peasant, she wants a goddamn prince! How many princes do you see begging. Go on, look around. None, right?

What you need to do a midst your bitching and cursing her name in front of your friends while all along what you want to do is run to the bathroom and cry your eyes out in the handicapped stall is take stock of the situation. You have to try and figure out if the breakup was good for the both of you. Yes, this painfully bitter pill you just had to swallow with this woman kicking you to the curb might actually be a good thing.

If you can keep yourself from instinctual running right back to her and actually think things over, you might actually be able to logically be able to weigh the risks and benefits of the relationship and realizes that the two of you may not have been the best fit for each other after all.

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