6 Step Guide To Making Women Laugh – Part 1

 6 Step Guide To Making Women Laugh - Part 1

There are plenty of guys out there that are funny. Hell, there are some that even get paid to be funny for a living. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t have that luxury. We have to be funny for free.

Many of us are great when it comes to making our boys laugh. On the other side of the coin, we’re also as dumb as a post when it comes to making women laugh. Sure, we’ll try but fail miserably. Believe it or not, there’s actually a set of rules you have to follow when making women laugh. For your benefit, I present a guide to properly make a woman laugh.

Learn How To Be Funny


laugh 1

Are you one of those guys that naturally knows how to make people laugh? If not, you have to figure out what makes you laugh. If you don’t really know how to make yourself chuckle, you aren’t going to make anyone else; especially women. Remember one thing, being able to make a woman laugh is an important tool in the arsenal when it comes to taking that girl in the bar home at the end of the night.

One aspect where I’ve seen people try and fail miserably is when they go out of their way and try to be funny. Almost never works. Funny doesn’t work if it’s forced. You’ve got to let that stuff flow like a river. Just try to see the natural humor in things. Don’t start coming up with comedy routines to bust out on women. They will just see that shit as nothing more than more intricate than usual pickup lines. Don’t force it.

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Be Natural


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Being funny is an innate ability, not unlike being a plumber or a carpenter. Not everyone is going to be a master at it but you can use what basic understanding you have of yourself to develop your own style to help you get the women giggling.

Use the way that you naturally speak to express yourself when you find something funny. If you’re sitting with a girl at a bar and something happens like the bartender spilling a drink, let whatever comes out of your mouth come out organically. If you say something that sounds like you’ve been planning it for three weeks until the precious moment arrives that the bartender finally spilled a drink; you’re just going to look like an asshole.

However, if you bust out some line that came with the suddenness of a shotgun blast to the back of the head; a woman will laugh. For one thing, it’s because it was something said out of shock so the idea that it was unprepared will ring a great many positive alarm bells. Also, it is for the same reason why you see people laughing almost harder at improv comedy than rehearsed standup routines. It is because nobody was expecting what was said to be said. It caught the girl and even yourself off guard.

By the way, just because I said not to pre plan routines doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice being funny. If you are hoping to get funny points with a girl by busting out one liners at the right times, hone your skills by putting in a horrifically terrible movie.

Give you a real life example. Perhaps you have heard of the movie Sharknado. If you haven’t, it is about exactly what you think it is. Anyway, this friend of mine whose natural shyness sort of overcomes his natural ability to be funny in public was sitting around his place before we were all going out to the club. For reasons beyond my knowledge, he started watching Sharknado. He sat through the entire movie, making comments about the thing like those two old bastards that sat in the balcony on the Muppets.

I thought nothing of it. Fast forward to a couple of hours later, and he is talking to a girl and nothing he is saying is preplanned yet somehow he is making her laugh to the point of her friggin mascara running. The point is that if you let things flow naturally and flex your muscles when it comes to your natural humor it will always come off better and the laughs will be more genuine.

Put Yourself In The Story


laugh 3

If you are telling a story or some kind of anecdote to a girl in the hopes of getting her to think you are the funniest guy she’ll ever run across, make yourself the center of attention. It’s you that you are trying to get her to like, not that friend of yours in college that tripped and fell into a garbage can.

People love self-deprecating humor, but don’t be the guy that does nothing but talk shit about himself. That being said, the ability of a man to be able to laugh at his shortcomings will demonstrate to a girl that you’re the kind of guy that will be able to handle a little bit of criticism and that you don’t give up easily.

Because a woman will test you, my friends. At one point or another you are going to be put in a situation with the express purpose of seeing how you react. Showing that you’re willing to take a shot from yourself will prove to a woman that you are willing to take a shot from her at times.

If you think that you don’t have anything funny to say about yourself, you’re wrong. There are two ways to look at this. One would be to take the tiniest thing that happened to you, like being stuck at a train station longer than you thought and expanding the story into this Lord of the Rings level epic tale. The other would be to co-opt something that happened to a friend of yours and make it your own. But don’t exaggerate too far. Don’t put yourself as the star of your friend’s funny tale about mountain climbing when you’ve got asthma or something like that.


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