6 Step Guide To Making Women Laugh – Part 2

6 Step Guide To Making Women Laugh - Part 2

Respect The Woman


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Respecting a girl’s individuality and her qualities is a big step when it comes to earning her trust. With that trust comes the ease of being together and that will make it easier to get her to laugh. In other words, don’t make a joke right after you say hello.

Also, remember that every woman is wired differently. Different things are going to make each one of them laugh. Where one girl might think that fart jokes are funny, that same girl might think that jokes you make about some other topic are the most horrible thing in the world and you should be burned at the stake for saying it.

When it comes to making women laugh, there are certain basic boundaries that you need to respect and follow. Especially in the beginning, avoid at all costs making jokes about topics that you know for a fact most women would consider taboo.

Laugh With Her


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Laughter is more infectious than the common cold. If you laugh along with what a woman is laughing with it’s just going to raise your stock in her mind. If you just happen to find her funny and you are truly engaged with her jokes, it will show that you are someone to be looked at as special and that you care enough to try to get in tune with her rythyms. Women love it when you happen to find the stuff they think is funny humorous as well.

If you are talking to the type of woman that will bust out a dirty joke every now and then, respond in mind. Remember, don’t make your own shit dirtier than hers. If you are having to talk to this woman over a long period of time before you actually happen to go out on an official date, find out who here favorite comedians are. Fire up your Netflix and give them a watch. Don’t look at me like you don’t have Netflix.

Anyway, find out what she likes and try to find a way to naturally fit that into the conversation. If you two are talking a week later after you were first introduced and then you bust out a line from an HBO special she said she enjoyed, that’s not only going to make her laugh but also keep her in mind of the fact that you’re also a good listener.

Don’t Do The Following

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We are just like the manual on a new piece of electronics here. The same way you would get told what not to do when you buy something, we’re going to drop some don’ts on you. A lot of these are basic common sense things. However, we do get enough emails in asking what not to do that I’ve compiled a little list. As noble of a pursuit it may be that you are trying to make a woman laugh you might be shooting yourself in the foot if you are doing any of the following:

Talking about boring topics and thinking that they are funny is probably one of the biggest party fouls when it comes to trying and making women laugh. One of the things that you have to remember is that not everyone shares your sense of humor. Not everyone will think your ten minute story about the guy trying to install the new refrigerator in the break room at work is hilarious. You could be going along great with a girl and totally screw things up by going boring on her.

Another thing is if you tease her too much. It’s one thing to make a lighthearted joke about a girl when the two of you are just getting to know each other. But you have to find the right balance. I would normally go with one jab for every two or three she throws in your direction. You’re trying to get laid here buddy, not try your shit out in case you get called up for a Comedy Central roast.

And lastly on this point, don’t be one of those guys that is on all the time. Look at it this way, porn is a mirror of society and dating in just about one single respect. You never see anybody screwing a clown. The reason is that laughter drains energy after a while. If a woman is sitting there physically and mentally spent from your jokes, eventually you’re just going to get annoying. You have to learn how to adjust the balance so she knows that you can indeed be serious as well.


I know out of the gate that not every woman is going to laugh at the same thing, but if you follow some of these basic guidelines and adjust them to your situation you will have your woman chuckling all the way to your bedroom. Just make sure she doesn’t chuckle at you once she’s in your bedroom!

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