8 Body Language Secrets That Always Get You The Girl! – Part 1

8 Body Language Secrets That Always Get You The Girl!

Hey Wingsters, its Wayne and I know that there’s some of you that might be in dire desperate need of a wingman. I can’t be everywhere physically, so hopefully you’ll take some of that I say here and learn how to be your own wingman.

Some guys can get laid without saying a word. It’s like they have some weird Jedi shit going on and can get a woman to go home with them because they cracked their knuckles a certain way. The wingman I studied under told me that if you use your body language properly, the first time a woman hears your voice could be when you ask her if it was good for her and you can STILL get laid.

Guys like Mike could have learned from my master. Poor Mike goes in like he’s got a bullhorn strapped to his damn mouth!
That being said, one of the things I’ve seen that most guys completely screw up when it comes to trying to get with a woman is that their body language is all wrong. Body language says almost as much as your actual words do. So sit back and I’m going to let you in on some secrets about body language that might help you the next time you’re flying solo.


body 1
Look, it’s no secret that people that look nervous always seem to be fidgeting and jerking around like somebody stuck a cattle prod on their seat. If you manage to get past the walking up and saying hello portion of this whole mission and are able to talk to this woman be very mindful of how you are moving.

Guys that are confident and have success with women make very controlled movements. They are the ones you see walking in very controlled and measured doses. In other words, they aren’t the ones that go from zero to sixty and back to fifteen over the length of one room.

I got a friend of mine that had severe trouble with this and something I told him fixed the problem right away. Whenever he got around a woman it seemed, he would always start swirling the straw in his drink. Don’t ask me why a grown man had a straw in his drink. Anyway, a girl that walked up to him and started chatting him up noticed after a minute that he was fidgeting like somebody let a pet shop full of mice in his pocket and backed away.

I took him into a corner and in proper wingman fashion I told him that no woman is ever going to walk up to him if he didn’t keep his ass still. I took the straw out of his damn drink and set him up to try again. I told him to imagine that he was holding weapons grade plutonium and that the slightest movement would cause it to blow us all to kingdom come.
Little while later, different girl came up and he was as still as a statue. You keep your movement measured and still enough and the woman will think that you’ve got nothing on your mind but her. Even if that is the case, if your movement looks like you’ve got something else on your mind the woman will think that and she’ll fly away into the waiting arms of somebody like me.

Learn To Relax

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Now, not every case where you could meet a woman is going to be some situation like a bar or club where everyone seems to be standing up. If you’re in any kind of a position that you aren’t standing up, lean back and relax. If you’re sitting down guys, keep your arms at your side and make yourself look like you own the place and you just happen to be lounging around. You start holding your arms across your chest like you’re in line to get your driver’s license renewed and women will pick up on that.

It’s a commonly accepted belief that people that hold their arms up to their chest look like they are impatient. A woman sees you with your arms up like that she’s going to think that you’re upset that nobody is walking up to say hello to you and she isn’t going to as well. Because everything trickles into something else, that thinking is going to make the woman think you’re desperate and will go and do bonehead things to grab her attention.

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And for god’s sake, I know that some of you got bodies that I could only dream of. I wasn’t blessed with muscles like my friend Manly Mike, who seemingly can get women just by flexing and winking. But the rest of us have to put in a little bit of work. That work involves, like I said, looking like you aren’t working at anything. Look like you don’t care. Hell, grab one of the drink menus and look like you are calmly going through it.

That little trick has gotten me more tail than a team of fur traders. I’ll come into a place, grab a drink menu and just start looking at it. After a little while a girl will come up to me and ask if I need help deciding. I’ll tell her that I was deciding what drink to buy her. You know what, it works because you look like you’re enjoying yourself instead of laboring through the process of finding a woman.

Be Spacious

body 3
You don’t have to be some musclebound goon (Hello Mike) to look like you control the area that surrounds you. All you have to do is be creative when taking up space. In any situation you are in, always try to take up as much space as possible. Put out the vibe that says to everyone around, male and female, that this is your spot and people should be lucky to be in it.

This is where booths in places come in handy. One way to maximize your space is to grab a booth at a place. Sitting by yourself in a booth sort of indicates to people that you’re a happening guy to start with because nobody sits in booths by themselves. A guy in a booth by himself is expecting friends to arrive that are a little late finding a taxi to the club.

So even if you aren’t going to be joined by somebody, you have to make it look like you are. It’s all about the sell. One thing that works is to carry a jacket with you that you know damn well you don’t need. Lay that jacket down on the bench on the other side of the booth. That says that this whole thing is mine and I’m letting you know it by putting my property there. And if a woman sees that you are controlling a whole area, no matter how small it may be all by yourself; she’s going to want to come over and see what all the fuss is about. Remember, it’s all about creating an illusion.


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