8 Body Language Secrets That Always Get You The Girl! – Part 2

8 Body Language Secrets That Always Get You The Girl! Part 2



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Remember when you were all little wingmen and your parents told you to stand up straight? Back then, they were afraid you’d get a hunchback or something. Now, Papa Wingman is telling you to stand up straight because of one word. Power.

Sometimes I’ll invite Mike over to watch a game on my ginormous flat screen. I’ll place friendly bets with him that most of the time I win. I don’t get into betting lines or spreads. Hell, I don’t even make my decision until I see a team walk onto the field. I always bet on the people that are standing tall like they’ve already got the thing won. Mike’s lost a year’s worth of gym memberships to me because of this.

Getting back to my point, women aren’t going to look at you as any kind of prize to be won if you walk in with your head down and your hands in your pockets like you’ve already accepted defeat. Nobody bets on somebody that looks like a loser. Walk into a place with your head high and that back straight as an arrow. The women will come to you just because of your walk.
Look at a zillionaire like Donald Trump. Most of his business deals are probably won before he even says a word. He walks everywhere like he knows he is going to win at everything. Good posture conveys confidence. As we all know, women are attracted to confidence more than they are money and cars. Not that money and cars don’t help, but they are really just window dressing.

Open Yourself


When you are approaching a woman, stand with your palms exposed just a little bit with your arms at your sides. Remember what I said earlier about your arms being crossed guys. A guy with his arms crossed looks like somebody that really doesn’t want to be bothered with any actual human interaction. Besides, it’s kind of like how the whole hand shanking thing started. It was so you could prove to somebody that you weren’t going to pull a knife out of your sleeve and stab them. Keeping yourself closed off means you have something to hide. When a woman gets that notion in her head, she’ll drive herself batty trying to figure out what it is you are hiding.

Be Calm


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One mistake that I’ve had to correct a lot of friends on when going out is that when a woman walks up to them, they look like they won the lottery. Their emotions spill over to the point where the woman thinks that they are possibly insane and will back away.
Not saying that you should talk to a woman the way you talk to the checkout guy at the grocery store. Let your excitement come out in small bursts but at the same time temper it. You haven’t scored yet, so don’t start celebrating.

If you can’t keep yourself from looking like you’re ready to dance like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch every time a woman walks up to you it’s going to look like you aren’t in control of yourself. Women want guys that are in control, whether it be on the wallet side of things or emotionally.
So when that woman finally walks up to you, be polite and be happy. Simple things like smiling express your emotions more positively than looking like a little kid that just got told they are about to meet Mickey Mouse.

Your Tone Is Key


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While this isn’t really body language it sort of is seeing how it involves the use of your mouth. Speaking is more body language than anything else. The tone and speed of your voice indicates as much as body language does but turned all the way up. If you don’t learn to talk in measured tones women will run screaming because you’re talking too fast for them to understand or are shy and have no confidence. Talking in a measured tone indicates that you’ve got shit under control and you’re not about to start crying hysterically no matter if she says yes or no!

Don’t Look Down


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If you are talking to a woman, hold your head up straight. You keep looking down at the floor like you’re trying to find your keys and she’s going to think one of a couple of things. Either A, you have no confidence and you’re just hoping for pity sex at best. Or B, she isn’t as interesting as you thought she was going to be and you’re looking for a secret escape hatch in the floor. It’s a sign of weakness and doesn’t look attractive to anybody.Editor's Note: A Controversial New Video Is Showing Thousands Of Guys Around The World How To Get Laid On Facebook. Click Here To Learn 3 Facebook Seduction Tactics You Can Use TONIGHT.


Remember, whether the girl says yes or no; you are in control of your body. If decades of women getting out of speeding tickets has proven anything it’s that body language will open up a whole world of doors for you if you use it properly.


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