4 Lies All Women(Yes, All Of Them) Tell Us Men – Part 1

4 Lies All Women(Yes, All Of Them) Tell Us Men - Part 1

You may trust your woman, you may adore her and worship the ground that her ass walks on. Make no mistake about it boys, there’s a chance that at some point in your relationship your woman has looked you dead in the eyes and lied to you.

This isn’t saying that she’s lying about hiding a body of an ex in the woods. However, every woman in some respect no matter how honest she is will lie to you at some point. There are a few ones that are much more common than the rest. Let’s give those a good honest look and see what you can do to mitigate the fallout from not realizing that she’s bullshitting you.

Lie #1: I’m Not Mat At You


lie 1

Oh you bet your ass she is. You know that you did something to piss her off. Why else would she be sulking around or not returning your calls. A woman that’s in love with a guy, or lust at the very least will never not talk to a guy unless there’s a life threatening emergency or she’s royally pissed at him.

It’s not exactly a state secret that your woman has probably been hurt by a guy long before you came along will use this particular lie as sort of an emotional wall to protect themselves. For example, if you happen to be dumb enough to forget your girlfriend’s birthday or you call out your ex’s name during sex or commit any of the million other sins that will get a woman pissed at you during the course of the day; she’s not going to just let it go. She is going to dwell on it, letting her worries whittle way whatever feeling of well-being she might have.

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Guys are very direct in that regard. Someone pisses us off, we’ll move heaven and earth, drive a covered wagon across open friggin prairie if that is what’s needed to tell someone we’re steaming mad at them. Women on the other hand, will act like they don’t care at all. In reality, they do care. Not only that, your indiscretion or slight, no matter how small it may be is probably keeping her up at night. She may not want to bitchy so she’ll tuck that shit away inside and put up whatever face she has to put on to indicate otherwise.

This one is pretty damn easy to spot because women barely even to bother to hide their irritation in this situation. They will actively do things to make you very aware at times to indicate they are mad while publicly stating to you they aren’t mad at all. The best thing to do to save yourself from any pain, blues and agony is sitting down and bluntly telling her that the only people that say they aren’t mad are the ones that are really upset and what you can do to change that. Then you at the very least look like you’re redeeming yourself.

Lie #2: I Don’t Mind If You Go Out With The Guys


lie 2

This next one is really only a lie up to a certain point. For example, if you were part of some sports organization or had a regular ritualistic guy thing that you did before the two of you came into each other’s being; then she is in fact not really mad at all. Hell, if you’ve gotten to the point where you are living together or are around each other the other six nights of the week your woman will be praying that you don’t forget to remind her that Tuesday is bowling night.

Women need their space too. So they will let the occasional guys night out slip through the cracks, much like the guards from Shawshank letting Andy have the sandpaper in his cell. However, when it gets to a certain point and it looks like you’re flat out choosing the guys over her for the evening; be prepared to be stuck in the chest with the lie cannon.

Say one of your buddies at work comes to you at lunch and says that he and some of the other guys are planning a trip to a gentlemen’s establishment that Saturday. Guy in accounts receivable is getting married and they want to give him a proper sendoff or something. You say yes, knowing that at some point in your relationship with your woman Saturday has become the night you guys do whatever the hell it is you do together.

Acting in good faith, you tell your lady that instead of spending the evening ogling her, you’re going to be dropping exorbitant amounts of cash to stare at women that are “paying their way through college”. That’s another lie some women tell us, by the way.

Anyway, you tell your woman this and she tells you she doesn’t mind. She’s lying to you, and you should get ready for hell to be brought down upon you. No matter how open a woman might be, there’s always two sets of guy related activities that she says are ok and are not ok for you to engage in. Those get further divided into sub-categories based on whether or not they happen to occur on nights the two of you would normally be doing stuff together.

You already know she’s going to be pissed off if you say yes. For one thing, the money you’re spending gazing upon some of these quasi ladies of the evening is money should be spending her as far as her thoughts go. The second you start saying you can’t afford something, even if its twenty years down the road she’s going to bring up the time you dropped two hundred dollars on an evening at a titty bar. You’re better off just not going. If it’s something simple like bowling, ask her if she wants to come along and watch. If she says no, then all the pressure is off of your ass.

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