4 Tips For Becoming The Bad Boy Women Love

As many aspect of our world have proved by now, the one that seems to be repeated the most is the notion that nice guys finish last. Seriously, how many really nice stockbrokers have you spoken to?

The point is, that sometimes you have to have a little bit of a mean streak. This doesn’t mean that you have to start knocking over old ladies’ shopping carts. It just means that in anything, including your dealings with women you have to have a little bit of bad boy in you. How does one do that? Well, as always we’re here to help with a guide to becoming the bad boy that women will love.

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Be Late


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Of course, this is a completely opposite spin on the notion of the nice guy being the one that shows up twenty minutes early for everything. After you’ve met a girl or talked to her a couple of times, she’s going to think that she knows every damn thing about you. Make her wrong.

Part of the mystique of a bad boy is that there is something going on underneath all the badness that the woman will either wonder about or run away from. Don’t worry, most of the time their curiosity gets the better of them and they will go into wonder mode.

That being said, if you take your dates early on and show up late, this can work to your advantage on a couple of fronts. One is that when a guy is late for something and a girl has any kind of connection to him, the thought of how bad she needs him there at that moment. It could be that she was hoping that you were going to show up early so that you can fix some minor thing with her kitchen sink before the two of you left. By the way, until you’re exclusive there’s only one thing you should be on your back to fix. But you knew that already didn’t you.

The second thing is that if you are supposed to show up at six and don’t show up until six thirty, she is going to think that something is wrong and wants to know that you are ok. Even if you’re kind of a jerk in the right amounts, no woman wants to see you get in a car accident. Once you hit the fifteen minute mark of being late, she is going to start blowing up your phone. Don’t answer. She’s just going to be happy you showed up no matter what.

The premise of being late also goes for everything else you do with this woman. She asks you a question, act like you didn’t hear her for three seconds or so. Make sure you did, so when you answer her you look like some introspective brooding son of a bitch instead of a clod that just wasn’t listening.

Be Unpredictable


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Secretly, women love a guy that they just can’t quite figure out. Normals as I like to call them are quite predictable and easy to control because a girl can safely anticipate their next move. They can stop a guy in the middle of saying they want to go to Diner Number Five because guess what, that’s where they always want to go!

If you act like everything that you do is as random as the daily lottery numbers, this will set off a lot of good alarm bells in a woman’s mind. The noted Scottish philosopher Roderick George Toombs once said that when you think they have the answers you change the questions. Never has this become truer than in the dating world.

If a woman is thinking that you’re going to be going to a theater, take her ass to a drive in if there are still any around. If she thinks you are going to the zoo, time to go skydiving. Despite what you may be thinking, this isn’t going to blow up in your face. You being a unpredictable bad boy is actually going to help you.

You see, bad boys are often stereotyped with the belief of their kind that they will easily pick up a lead pipe and beat anyone to a pulp that crosses their woman. In some cases that signifies that you are a maniac. Unless you actually pick up the pipe and beat somebody with it, this belief is going to make the woman feel she is protected with you. People tend to gear themselves up for any outside activity they do. When your parents told you as a kid to get ready to go somewhere, they weren’t talking about getting dressed and ready to leave physically as they were talking about your mental state.

You change at the last minute what you were going to do with a woman, it will screw up her mental preparation. She’s going to sit there and wonder how she is going to get through the evening with such a sudden change of plan. So there you stand, looking and acting like you could fight a grizzly bear. She’ll know that she will get through the evening alright, she’s got this bad ass on her arm.

Have A Life


bad 3


Most guys in relationships or that are just dating will do anything for their woman at the drop of a hat. This one guy I am friends with, he was dating this girl that worked in some small retail shop. He had the day off of work and made the mistake of telling this girl that he didn’t have any plans. The whole day as he recounted it to me, was like he was an unpaid employee of the shop. When there was a box that needed to be dropped off, she called and asked him to go drop it off. She wanted lunch from a place that was literally across the street, she called him and asked him to pick it up.

Where this guy failed is that he didn’t act like he had a life. Especially early on in a dating situation, you’ve got to act like you’ve got cool shit that you could be doing in the event she isn’t around. Let’s face it, up until a certain point in time you’ve got to present yourself with a little bit of mystique. Doesn’t matter what the activity is, it could be you going camping for the weekend with your buddies or hopping on a plane to Vegas for a couple of days; make yourself scare. She may be pissed in the moment that you’re not around; but how can she miss you if you never go away?

One of the greatest ways I ever heard this bad boy premise come into play happened to come from the mouth of one of my own uncles. In the early eighties, he and my aunt were just dating. He was your typical bad boy, even had a Harley when he was maybe one of three guys in town that rode motorcycles. Anyway, he was dating my aunt for a couple of weeks and one day she had planned something for them to do. It was on a Thursday evening and was the first Thursday they had been out together.

Without missing a beat, he tells her that he can’t believe he forgot to tell her he had a team in a bowling league in another town with some friends of his. Now, this was complete and utter bullshit. What he did do was a stroke of genius.

He went to a bowling alley and asked to buy a house ball. He found one that sort of fit him, paid five bucks for it and a few bucks for some cheap bag to place it in. He came home immediately and sat the thing in the living room of his apartment. When my aunt came over that Saturday to spend the night at his place the first thing she saw was the bowling ball. In her mind, my uncle said, that must have set off a trigger that every Thursday for the time being he would be scarce because of the bowling. On Thursdays, he was off at some biker club meeting. She never knew, and about six months into the relationship the ball disappeared with him citing the league disbanding.

Make it look as if you always have something else you could be doing and go and actually do that. Remember, even for bad boys absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Keep The Nice Guy In You


bad 4


Unless you’re with a girl that you just plan on being with for a couple of weeks and then tossing aside until a better one comes along, eventually you’re going to have to drop the act. Eventually a woman will come to the belief that she has figured everything out all there is to know about you. In other words, the bad boy image will eventually become some dog and pony show she will see right through.

You have got to keep the nice guy under the surface at all times. For every five times that you aren’t able to bring her lunch at work, do it once completely out of the blue. Ask her where she wants to go on the date and stick to it even if you’d rather be at one of a million other places.

Always keep that nice guy on the surface, letting him poke through on occasion. That shows that despite the vibe you might be giving off you aren’t a complete and total asshole. Only desperate women end up staying with assholes more for than a short while. If you’re projecting yourself as a bad boy, slowly let that façade fade into the background. Once you’ve let more and more of the real you into the foreground, over time the woman will think that the nice you is really the guy that’s been there all along.

Another thing on the nice guy point, women love projects. They love to think that they can turn someone around. So if you are slowly letting your nice guy tendencies shine through, that’s going to give the woman a sense of victory thinking that she has converted this bad boy into a cuddly teddy bear.



You don’t have to be part of some biker gang or a professional fighter to come across as a bad boy. All it takes is a little subterfuge and the willingness to bend the normal conventions of how a guy is supposed to act for a little while. You do that, and the woman you are after will fall in love with you at the drop of a hat.

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