5 Reasons You Girl May Not Be The Best You Can Do

Let’s face it guys, by nature we’re destined to be in a relationship at some point. It is practically in our DNA. However, what some people seem to not understand is that you aren’t always going to be with the person you are with now. Some sort of event, either your fault or hers is going to tear you two asunder. It’s best to always be prepared for the eventuality of this. There are signs you can look for. Here are some reasons why your girl might not be the best you can do.

She’s Not Independent


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Make no mistake about it, independence is the key to a happy relationship. I know that for some that may seem like a completely illogical idea given the fact that you started talking to this girl for the express purpose of being together all the time. All the time does not actually mean all the time.

Guys and girl alike need to have their own things going on despite wanting to be together every single minute of the day. My girl and I have been together for about nine months now and there’s times where she goes off and does her own thing. Spends the evening hanging out with her group of girl’s talking shit about everyone else’s hair or whatever the hell it may be.

The point is, if you get a girl that is so co-dependent that she cannot function normally without having you around; you are sitting on a powder keg that’s got a sniper trained on it from several hundred yards away that could blow that bastard up at any second. Girl’s that don’t have some degree of independence are going to eventually annoy the living hell out of you. It’s one thing if she needs you to be a shoulder to cry on in a legitimate time of need. If she has to be around you every second and not let you come up for air; it is just going to breed contempt and eventually resentment.

She’s Not Intelligent


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I’m going to walk a very fine line here with this next point because I’ve occasionally failed to practice what I am preaching here. I’ve gone after the really vapid bitches that have nothing to talk about. I’ve hooked up with them, even stayed with them past my two week trial period. They never end up working out. Never!

You want to know why? No matter how mind blowing the sex is, no matter how great that little thing she may do with her tongue might be; eventually the two of you are going to be put in a situation where all you are going to be able to do is talk. You’re going to be on a three hour car ride to visit somebody’s cousin or parents and suddenly realize that you don’t have a damned thing to talk about. If she does have something to talk about, chances are if you don’t go for a woman with some intelligence it’s going to sound like the verbal equal to a backed up sewer drain. Complete and utter nonsense.

For the most of us, not me of course; the sex part of a relationship only ends up amounting to a small fraction of the day. You’re awake maybe eighteen hours of it. What the hell are you going to do with this woman for the rest of that day? You don’t have to be with a woman that’s a double major from some Ivy League college. You don’t want to be with someone that seems like they are stuck for an answer when somebody says hello. Remember this all important rule. Beauty fades, smarts stay forever and it’s hard as hell to fix stupid.

She Doesn’t Respect You


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This one may be the most important rule of the whole damned bunch. If somebody doesn’t treat you the same way that they would want to be treated, run for the damn hills. Run as fast as your legs can carry you.

Simple reasoning here. The woman you are with should at least give you the dignity of listening to your side of an argument even if she completely and totally disagrees with you. Even if she thinks you are as wrong as possibly can be, she gives you the chance to plead your case than you’ve got a woman worth staying with.

The other part of this is that women that don’t truly respect the guy will gladly start shit with him anywhere without worrying about the consequences for embarrassment on his part. Couple of years ago I was invited as a guest to a friend’s office holiday party. Being a good friend I took him up on it. Unbeknownst to me, the girlfriend he was with at the time was unaware that the plus one didn’t count when it came to significant others so she was in the clear.

Anyway, she gets a look at the invitation when he showed it at the party and immediately started in about how he was trying to sneak her in like illegal drugs into a prison. And boy did it get worse from there. She was hot about it, but didn’t keep her mouth shut about it and started blistering him about it in front of everyone he worked with. You can imagine by now the explosives that went off when he went to say Merry Christmas to a female colleague. Those of you keeping score can instantly tell that she went off berating him about talking to “that whore”, not realizing mind you it was actually one of his cousins.

The point is, if you have a woman that treats you as if you are on a lower peg than she is; it’s time to get out. If a woman doesn’t respect you when the two of you are just seeing each other, you can imagine how bad things are going to get if the two of you get married.

She Doesn’t Let You Be A Man


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Guys, you’ve all been stuck in that situation where your woman wants you to watch some chick flick or some Lifetime movie. You sit down and you do it, suffering the whole way because you know that you love her and you are trying to show that you care about her interests. If that isn’t reciprocated, then there’s trouble brewing.

For the woman or two that may be reading this, guess what? You wanted a guy, and you have to live with certain facts about guys. Occasionally, we like to go and do certain things. We might have a scheduled session every couple of weeks on a paintball course with our friends. We might have a monthly get together to watch UFC or a WWE Pay Per View. Hell, we may just be limiting things to playing poker in the garage and stinking the room up with cigar smoke.

Some of us also like to eat steaks that look like the cook forgot to turn the grill on. Just as we would look like complete assholes, and boy would we get told about it, if we told our women they can’t go do shit with their girlfriends; your girl needs to be reminded of the same. If a girl wants that man that will get up at four in the morning when she hears a squirrel run by the back door with a baseball bat at the ready to slam the intruder she just knows is in the house into next week; she needs to realize that there’s baggage that comes with that.

Not awful baggage, but just the fact that there is guy stuff that you need to do that’s just between you and the guys to blow off steam. Remember, how can she miss you if you don’t occasionally go away?

She Nags You For No Reason


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My girl will drop a complaint on me every now and again. We’ve just started living together for a couple of months and we’re still getting used to each other’s biorhythms. So naturally the following situation came up. We both came home from work and there was something that she wanted to make for dinner that involved getting some special kind of milk. Rushing out of the office, I forgot to pick it up. My fault entirely.

I get back to our place, and she gives me the look that tells me I forgot to pick up this secret ingredient of hers. I look at her, say I’m sorry and immediately run back out to get it. Walking back in the apartment twenty minutes later, I say sorry and she tells me next time to leave a note on my phone. It was the end of the milk discussion.

The opposite end of the spectrum would be a girl that for an almost unhealthy amount of time after you correct the mistake she is still grilling you about the mistake even though you have made amends for it. A woman that nags you incessantly or for almost no reason is a girl that doesn’t respect you. You don’t want to be with that type of woman because it will lead to you having to walk on eggshells which will in turn potentially cost you your man card.

It’s one thing if it’s some major life threatening shit. If a woman has clearly made her point and then continues long after you’ve agreed with her, you’ve got a nagger. You see guys getting nagged all the time, they are generally the ones that look like they are about to run their car off the damned road. You don’t want to be that guy.

If you are with a woman and it seems like she is trying to correct you to the point of it becoming painful to listen to, then you could probably do a hell of a lot better. It all boils down to respect. Nobody should be talked to by someone that’s supposed to love and care about them worse than their boss does at work.



We’ve all been at the point where even getting rid of a woman and being by ourselves would be an upgrade. Sure, it may be painful as all hell to not physically be with someone. Like I said, you’re probably not having sex the majority of your waking hours. If the most of that time is spent thinking when will this woman shut the hell up, then you could probably trade up for someone better.

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