5 Rules To Be An AWESOME Man (To Be A REAL Man) – Part 1

5 Rules To Be An AWESOME Man (To Be A REAL Man) - Part 1Before we get to our rules, let’s start out with a little definition time. Here’s “awesome definition” according to our good friend, Google.



1. extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.

              “the awesome power of the atomic bomb”

In our case, I don’t think we really want to inspire fear, but the extremely impressive and worthy of great admiration part sounds good. I would also love it if people described me as having, “the awesome power of the atomic bomb”.

Theoretical Friend: Have you met Becket?

Hot Girl: Which guy is that again?

Theoretical Friend: He’s the guy with the awesome power of the atomic bomb!

Hot Girl: Oh, yeah, him! He’s the best!

It’s actually highly likely that a conversation like this has taken place before.  Maybe it hasn’t taken place about you.  If you haven’t gotten the feeling that the preceding has been about you, then there’s some things that you need to figure out about yourself.  Luckily we’re here to help you figure out how to bring out the awesome guy that’s stuck deep down in there.

Anyways, it’s time to get down to business, and today our business is five rules for being an awesome man.

This dog is awesome. Too bad he’s a dog.This dog is awesome. Too bad he’s a dog.

Rule 1: Dress The Part

dressthepart3 Can you imagine how hideous this guy would look if he was wearing a dress?

In our society people wear uniforms to help identify themselves— doctors, police officers, pilots— they all wear uniforms. Being awesome is no different. If you want to be awesome, you’re going to have to dress the part.

So how does an awesome man dress? Well, a lot of that can vary based on your personal style. Who exactly do you want to be thinking, “Damn, he’s cool”? If you’re going for girls with lots of tattoos and piercings in places where they probably shouldn’t be, you’re awesome look is going to be different than if you’re trying to impress girls who shop in SoHo and carry little Chihuahua dogs in purses.

One important thing you always want to do though is to stand out. This doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the most expensive clothes, it just means being unique. If you’re going to bars where every single guy in there is wearing a button down polo shirt and khakis, do not wear a button down polo shirt and khakis. Right now, I’m wearing a grey T-shirt that has a bear with glasses on it. I got it from H&M and it cost me fifteen dollars. The shirt stands out and gets me noticed. It’s not crazy, but people notice it, like it, and it starts a conversation.

dressthepart2Don’t be afraid to look good

You don’t have to go out every night of the week dressed up like you are going to a Hollywood awards show.  Fact is, most people know that guys tend to dress like that because they are expected to based on the situation.  If you’re trying to chat up a woman in a sports bar, the last thing you want to do is be overdressed or even worse, underdressed.

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Nothing hurts my heart more than guys that try to pick up women at sports bars while wearing team jerseys.  To me, it always looked like the guy might as well be dressed in a Viking outfit or a pirate costume.  So the best thing for you to do is dress casually unless the scenario dictates it.  You want to be noticed, but for the right reasons.  Remember, nobody looks at someone that dresses like they sleep at the bus station and thinks to themselves how awesome that guy is.

Rule 2: Exercise

 Epic Exercise FAILExercise?

I know I’m starting this out with two rules that are related to physical appearance. Well, if you’ve got a problem with that that’s just too bad. The truth is, when we first meet people we immediately judge them based on how they look. If you look like you just got off Reddit and stumbled out of your parents’ basement, people will probably not say, “Wow, that guy is awesome.” They’ll probably be thinking something more along the lines of, “Wow, I bet that guy’s best friend is his cat.”

Don’t be this guy.Don’t be this guy.

Can you be a fat turd and still be awesome? Sure, but it’s a lot harder. Think about when you go to the beach. Who gets the most looks from girls? Is it the out-of-shape string bean or the attractive man with the six-pack?

Exercise programs are often very adaptable to every schedule that a person can go through in their life.  You work a ten hour a day job that involves a great deal of manual labor?  You’ve got your own workout built in.  You’re not going to look like an Adonis but you’re sure as hell not going to look like you need help bringing the groceries in from the car.

There’s always ways of getting in shape without swelling up like a beach ball.  Chances are you watch a lot of television.  Do little sets of squats or situps during the commercial breaks.  Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.  Walk to that store that’s a half mile away instead of driving.  You’d also be reducing your carbon footprint at as well.

Note: Do not get super bodybuilder big. Most people don’t like this look and view these types of men as steroid-enhanced freaks with little wieners.  So the key is to look in shape without looking like you need a series of mirrors and sticks to wipe yourself.

exercise2P90X Training

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