5 Ways To Be “The Man” At Bars – Part 1

5 Ways To Be The Man At Bars - Part 1

1. Watch How Much You Drink

drunk2Watch how much you drink or you’ll stumble and trip on your own shit… literally

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Alcohol can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to being the man. Alcohol can loosen you up and make you more relaxed. If you’re more of an introvert, alcohol will help you come out of your shell. Conversations seem magically easier to start after a few drinks. Yes, it’s definitely true that alcohol is liquid courage.

However, alcohol can also doom you to failure. One drink too many and you turn from a smooth operator into a sloppy fool. You might think you look cool dancing on the table, but no one else does! Many good times have been ruined by alcohol and you should be careful to ensure that you are not one of the many men who have been turned down or too drunk to pick up girls. (Odds are, if you drink you are one of these men. I think everyone has been there before.) There is nothing worse than waking up with a hangover, remembering the night before, and thinking, “Damn, I could have gotten with (insert super hot girl’s name) if only I wasn’t so drunk.”


Also, let us not forget that though alcohol is legal, it is still a drug and needs to be treated as such and dealt with in a responsible manner. If you drink irresponsibly you could serious get hurt or behave in a way that will get you in real trouble.

Personally, I’ve had many hookup attempts derailed by too much booze and let me tell you, the hangover in the morning is even less fun than usual.

It’s okay to drink… but figure out your limit and make sure you don’t exceed it. This limit is different for everyone, so I’m not going to tell you a good amount of drinks you should have. In fact, some people probably shouldn’t drink at all. Don’t be embarrassed if this is you—It’s better to be the sober guy with the girl than the drunk guy throwing up in the bathroom.

2. Wear The Right Clothes

drunk4   This will impress the ladies

When you’re at a bar, you want to stand out for the right reasons. There are a lot of different things that factor into this and one of them is picking out the right thing to wear.

You want to find a happy medium between standing out and not looking ridiculous. In some cases, more expensive clothes (or clothes that look more expensive) can be helpful. Anything that makes you different is a plus though, especially if it can be used as a conversation starter.

DO NOT, however, dress like a clown. Many “pickup artists” dress in an overly ridiculous manner to attract females and stand out from the crowd. This will work for some people, but probably not you. For this to work for you, you have to be willing to go all out and really commit. You have to own it. Want to wear a ridiculous hat?

drunk3No one else will be wearing the same as you

You better rock that ridiculous hat with super duper confidence or you’re going to end up looking like a moron. If you exude confidence people will pick up on that and they’ll buy into you dressing in such an outlandish manner. If you’re even just a little bit of an introvert, such an outfit won’t work since you won’t be truly comfortable.

That is perhaps the most important part of the clothes that you choose to wear; you have to be comfortable. I am not saying comfortable in the “oh, that’s great, I want to be comfortable so I’ll just wear my sweatpants to the bar” sense. I am saying that you need to be confident with what you’re wearing and be wearing what you like and what makes you feel cool.

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