5 Ways To Charm Your Way Into Her Panties – Part 1

5 Ways To Charm Your Way Into Her Panties – Part 1

Despite what my pal Manly Mike might claim, spending forty hours a week pumping iron in the gym is completely unnecessary in order to be charming to women. (Hell, the only exercise I ever get is between the sheets…and I try to squeeze in those workouts whenever possible!) 

Look, fellas, it’s not about the size of your biceps. It’s not about wearing fashionable jeans, or driving the right car. Learning how to charm women comes down to knowing what to say to them…and also knowing what not to say.

Most guys don’t get this simple concept. Yesterday, Manly Mike said some real bonehead shit while we were macking on a pair of babes at Starbucks. If I hadn’t interjected and smoothed things over with my silver tongue—which is part of my job description as The World’s Greatest Wingman—he was moments away from getting a scalding-hot cup of coffee dumped on his crotch.

Whenever you enter into a conversation with a woman, you’ve got to have a gameplan. You’ve got to have some “conversational ammunition,” as I call it—topics and questions you can use to grab their attention and keep the interaction moving forward. At the same time, you’ve also got to know how to control the flow of the conversation and deflect certain topics or questions that may come up.

Being your friendly neighborhood wingman, I’m here to hook you up with some quick tips.  Here are some ways to ensure that you charm the pants off that girl you’re after.

1. Talk About Stuff Chicks Like

Talk About Stuff Chicks Like

There are certain conversational subjects that women naturally love to talk about. Bring up one of these subjects, and you give the conversation a “turbo boost.” You won’t need to do much talking—you can let her flow with her own thoughts and opinions.

Here are some topics that would fall under the category of “chick crack.” The same way a junkie can’t resist taking a hit off the crack pipe, these are subjects that women can’t resist blathering on about.

Cheating is the first topic. Women naturally love talking about drama in relationships, and the highest form of drama involves someone cheating on their significant other. So I might throw out a line like this:

“Hey, so let me get your thoughts on something real quick. My buddy Roger has been dating this girl named Lisa for a few weeks. Somehow she found out the password to his Facebook account, and she checked out who he was messaging with. She saw that Roger and his ex-girlfriend have been exchanging friendly messages once in a while. Nothing flirty, just checking in to see how the other person is doing. Well, Lisa got angry and confronted Roger about it, and Roger was angry because she violated his privacy.

So honestly—if you somehow learned your boyfriend’s Facebook password, would you check inside his account? And is it ‘cheating’ if you stay friendly with your ex, even if your current boyfriend tells you not to?”


Really, any little story that involves some sort of “cheating grey area” (is it really cheating, or not?) is going to immediately engage the attention of a woman.

(Another story I tell is about my friend Jeff, whose girlfriend found a shoebox under his bed containing tons of old photos of him and his ex. His girlfriend threw it in the trash. Was she wrong to do that?)

Now, the point here is not to get into a debate. I normally agree with the girl’s opinion, toss out a few follow-up questions (i.e. “So who do you think cheats more, men or women? And do they cheat for different reasons?”), and let the conversation flow from there.

One of the easiest ways to get into a woman’s good graces is by making her think you are a good listener. People (especially women) naturally enjoy talking about themselves, and appreciate someone who listens and seems to “get” what they are saying.

Another cool topic to inject into the conversation is celebrity gossip. Keep an eye on websites like tmz.com and perezhilton.com. Another good gossip site with more of an “urban” slant is mediatakeout.com. Bring up the latest scandal involving some celebrity douche bag like Kanye West, Justin Beiber, or any member of the Kardashian family, and get her opinion on it.

2. Tease Her 

tease her

One of the keys to seducing women is controlling the “frame” of the interaction. In other words, you’re setting the tone and establishing that YOU are the one who needs to be impressed — not the other way around.

The message you are sending is, “I’m the type of guy who meets hot chicks all the time. It’s no big deal. But what is it about YOU that should make me stick around and talk to you?”

A typical “nice guy” will simply ask the girl harmless questions and hope to find something in common with her:

“So have you been to this club before?”

“What do you do for a living?”

“Are you from around here?”

“What kind of music do you like?”

Blah, blah, blah. I’ve had dental surgery that was more entertaining than your typical bar conversation.

Instead, you’ll want to “turn the tables” by teasing her, and making HER jump through hoops in order to earn your approval. (Also known as using “Qualifiers.”)


Examples of Teases:

“You’re so funny, it’s too bad you’re not my type…”

(Or, “it’s too bad I swore off dating brunettes/blondes/redheads…”)

“We could NEVER date each other, but we should totally be friends…”

“You remind me one of my little sister’s bratty friends…”

After I throw out one of these teases, I’ll immediately change the subject and throw out a Qualifier. While she’s trying to wrap her pretty little brain around the fact that I just “disqualified” her from dating me (“It’s too bad you’re not my type…”), I then ask her a question that makes her want to prove WHY she deserves to be talking to me.

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Examples of Qualifiers:

“So tell me something interesting about yourself that I would NEVER guess.”

“So what’s the most exciting thing you’ve done lately?”

“I get the sense there’s more to you than meets the eye. I bet you’ve got some hidden talent that I would never guess. Tell me what it is.”

“I’m thinking about possibly buying you a drink, but first I need to know if we’re going to get along. If you won the lottery tomorrow and could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?”

See what I’m doing here? I’m setting myself apart from all of the nice guys and boring guys who’ve stepped to her before. I’m framing myself as a CHALLENGE. She’s not the prize; I am. And in order to win me, she’s going to need to demonstrate that she’s more than just a pretty face.

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