7 Manly Tips For Getting Out Of The Friend Zone – Part 1

7 Manly Tips For Getting Out Of The Friend Zone - Part 1

Throughout my time as a professional awesomeness counselor, I’ve come across a great deal of guys that just can’t seem to close the deal with a woman. Sure, they are great conversationalists and all of that. They don’t seem to have what it takes to get out of the orbit of the friend zone.

I don’t have many female friends. I’ve got a lot of chicks that I’ve banged. The key to that comes from the great philosopher Patrick Swayze who played one of the manliest men in movie history. He was the bouncer in the movie Roadhouse. He spread to us the gospel of be nice until it’s time not to be nice.

Think of it this way, if you’re too nice to a woman you’ll never get anywhere. I’m not talking about being mean, just don’t be too nice. Too nice means you are now friends. Guys like my boy Wayne; they’ve got a biggest list of female friends instead of a list of women they’ve happened to have sex with. You do not want to be like Wayne. Yes, the friend zone can be a fate worse than death when you’re trying to score with a chick. Personally, I have never been in the friend zone. I’m just too damn good looking. However, I’ve had enough guys come to me for advice that I’ve been able to compile a list of tips to getting you out of that vortex.

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Admit You’re In The Friend Zone


zone 1
The first step to any kind of recovery is admitting you have a problem. Me, I have a problem with looking good and having muscles coming out of my earlobes. This is one disease from which I never want to recover.
Being in the friend zone is a disease that you want to recover from, and fast. You’re probably reading this because you realized that the girl you want to ride off into the sunset with has made you the mayor of the friend zone. Guess what bro, whatever you’re doing isn’t working. There, I had to say it.
Some of you guys think that if you answer every single call on the first ring from this chick that suddenly and without warning she’s going to realize the error of her ways and throw herself into your arms. Shit ain’t gonna happen like that at all. Everything you are doing is taking you further away from turning this fantasy of nighty headboard rocking into reality. Your whole game is wrong. Your instincts are wrong and your gut feeling is wrong. If I was lying to you, this chick and you would already be together.
Take everything you think you know about the situation and toss it right out the window. Now that you’ve given yourself a blank slate, you can be the biggest and baddest blank slate to walk the earth.
Yeah, I know for some people it’s much easier to just bury their heads in the sand and say that things are different for you. That you aren’t living in the friend zone, but the first step is admitting that you have a problem. It’s like when I lift at the gym. I don’t make excuses as to why I can’t lift it, I either do or I don’t.

Appear Less Interested


zone 2
Look, you should realize that you’re in the friend zone and that the relationship is completely balanced in her favor. Looking needy, like those guys that actually wait until last call to talk to a girl is no way to get what you want. You’ll just get what’s left. Desperate guys end up with what other people give them, not what they want. You’re supposed to be a man dammit! You’re descended from the cavemen who took down frigging tigers with their bare hands and a sharp stick! So, don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not getting what you want out of the situation. A relationship is a two way street. If you have the right level of confidence, you should have no problem with walking away because you know there are better women for you out there. Me, if I start getting the vibe that a chick needs me to help her move a mattress before I get the chance to move her around her mattress; I’m out like a light.

Make Yourself Scarce


zone 3
It’s perfectly cool to have friends that are women. But if you feel like you are becoming and emotional tampon or even a favor service that she can call up in the middle of the night to do whatever she needs done without romantic reciprocation, start doing less. That means turning the phone off when you go to the gym. It means letting that call go straight to voice mail. If a chick truly wants you and was only accidentally putting you in the friend zone, you not being there in her hour of need will make her miss you and want you more. The idea of being scarce is supposed to make her feel the loss of you not tending to her needs.

I almost fell into a friend zone trap with a girl like this a couple of years ago. It seemed that I could never close the deal with this girl even though she wanted to hang around me every waking moment. Every time this chick called me a good friend I wanted to start smashing things with my bare hands. So what did I do? I made up a fake vacation. I know about women, weightlifting and cars some of you can’t afford. Other than that, I’m pretty much a blank slate. Anyway, I had this chick that was calling me almost every day to use my Herculean strength to lift of move something. I wasn’t getting anything out of it other than that miserable god damn friend hug.

But I really wanted to get with this chick. Here comes making yourself scarce to the highest degree, the fake vacation. I’ll have to admit, this was Wingman Wayne’s idea. He may be a scrawny little puke sometimes, but he can see strategies that a bull like me can’t see sometimes. I figured that I can’t just like about this vacation, I have to have some proof. Can you believe that Wayne set up a green screen in the office and took pictures of me in front of it and edited in Caribbean backdrops to make it look like I was spending the week in the sun enjoying myself and every other female that was there?

Only took a couple of hours to take all the pictures. For a solid week I didn’t answer my phone. All I did was update my Facebook page with these fake ass vacation photos. When I got back, what happened was just amazing. This chick that had me lingering near the fringes of the friend zone actually offered to pick me up at the airport and wanted to arrange for an evening of just the two of us. Of course I told her that Wayne was picking me up so my cover wasn’t blown. See comes over to my house and eventually confesses that the thought of me plowing through every woman on the islands like they were the driven snow got her to thinking about how she really wanted me all to herself. Remember bros, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If it doesn’t, time to dump the dead weight and move on.


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