7 Step Guide To Properly Complimenting A Woman – Part 1

7 Step Guide To Properly Complimenting A Woman - Part 1

Ok cadets, here’s some stuff that should be remedial teaching to most of you; but pay attention anyway. The number one secret to getting woman a woman is not fancy gifts of expensive dinners. It isn’t trips around the world either. They way to a woman’s….well, you know is compliments.

Compliments as I have mentioned are a woman’s lifeblood. But some guys just don’t know how to do it right. That’s right Mike, I’m going to talk about you some more. I may not get laid every time I go out, and I may end up having to jump on a grenade or two so you can go home with the good looking friend; but I don’t get my face slapped as often because when I compliment a girl I actually start off by saying hello instead of “hey, nice ass”.

Some guys make the mistake of complimenting about the wrong things, or they do it at the right time. Well, Wingman Wayne is ready to swoop in and save you from a potential slap in the face. Here’s a handy guide on how to properly compliment a woman.

Tell The Truth


guide 1
Despite what we believe guys, women can see right through our bullshit. We’re so transparent that some of us might as well be barber shop windows. Which is why you’ve got to be really careful when you’re handing out the compliments.

A smart woman, or even a mildly simple one can see a counterfeit compliment coming from a mile away. I tested this theory out with a little experiment along with the help of some willing volunteers. I was called upon to set up one of those matchmaker dating things in a local club not too long ago. We had a few guys invited that we tried to fix up and around a double amount of women. We prepped the guys by telling them that they should go in and give each woman two different compliments.

The women wouldn’t know who the guys were. Eh, we had some spare masks laying around the office. We had the guys go up and give two different yet slightly equal compliments. The first one was to tell the women that the guy thought that she was the most radiant person that they had ever laid eyes on. The second was that the girl simply looked really pretty.

Every single one of the girls responded better to the simpler comment. It’s been proven that when something sounds like it comes from the heart more than something that was conjured up solely for flash and sizzle, people believe it more. It doesn’t matter if it’s a monosyllabic grunt, if it’s said with heart people will believe it.

That includes you. If you don’t believe the compliment than the woman isn’t going to believe you are sincere and you’re just buttering her up to try and get in her pants. She’ll feel like you’re trying to steal sex from her. If someone thinks you’re trying to steal, they won’t give you anything. If they feel you’re sincere, you’ll be given anything you want.

Surprise Her


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Don’t just compliment a woman when she comes to your door or she answers hers when you pick her up for a date. Women are sort of hardwired to know the stuff that guys are going to automatically compliment them about, so stay away from what I like to call the common areas. If the two of you happen to run into each other on the bus, compliment her on her coat or something.

Check your Expectations


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guide 3
Look, if you think a woman is hot go ahead and tell her. Just don’t expect it to lead to anywhere else. If you telling a woman she has nice eyes or a beautiful smile evolves into you two going out on a date, then hooray for you. If it doesn’t, there’s always next time.

The thing is, you should always be nice to a woman just for the sake of being nice to her. If you’re only talking to her or being nice because your only objective is to have sex with her in the near future, that’s manipulation and women tend to see right through that shit.

One thing that tends to work well in practice is to preface the compliment along with your intentions. A good thing to usually say is to start off by simply saying outright that you aren’t trying to hit on her, while at the same time telling her how pretty her eyes are.

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