7 Step Guide To Properly Complimenting A Woman – Part 2

7 Step Guide To Properly Complimenting A Woman - Part 2

Talk To Her First


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Despite your best intentions, some women will simply be turned off by a stranger giving them a compliment. It can sometimes make women feel like their bodies exist for your judgment and entertainment – and that’s not a good feeling.

It always helps to get to know a person a little first – even if just for a few minutes.

Starting up a conversation about the tough exam you have in Chemistry class next week or the cool band that’s coming to town could have the positive effect of breaking the ice and discovering what you may have in common with each other.

Having conversations with people has multiple benefits: it helps others get to know you; it builds trust, and makes you come across as a much more genuine person and not just as The Desperate
Guy Who Needs To Get Laid.

Compliment Her On Something Other Than Her Appearance


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Regardless of their age, accomplishments, or social status, women are evaluated overwhelmingly on their physical appearance.
Even Hillary Clinton, with all her major political accomplishments, is still the subject of articles that focus on her hair or fashion choices.

Some women appreciate being recognized for what they do or who they are more so than for what they look like.

So if you know something about a woman such as that she gave a great speech in a class you took together or that she makes a great latte at the Starbucks where she works compliment her on that instead of on her physical characteristics.

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Not only does it show that you’re interested in getting to know her personality and accomplishments, but it will likely be a refreshing change for her. Women are getting complimented about their looks all the time and it will shock her to see that someone took the time to get her to know her for something other than her looks.

Avoid Overly Sexual Compliments


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If you do decide to say something nice about her appearance which is entirely your choice avoid using sexual overtones or telling her what you’d like to do to her. This is called sexual objectification, which means reducing the person to nothing but the sum of their parts to be used for another’s pleasure, and there’s nothing empowering about it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain the difference between commenting on someone’s body and making an explicitly sexual comment. Considering this, I would recommend finding a feature that you find interesting or striking, rather than focusing on body parts that are considered explicitly sexual.

Because complimenting someone’s shiny hair or glowing skin is a lot different than saying she has a hot ass, which carries a sexual overtone and veers into the zone of objectification. Above all, remember that people’s bodies belong to them, and trespassing into that personal space can make some people really uncomfortable.

Besides, if you focus too much on the sexual side of things too early you will get rejected by her in a flash. You say anything too sexual and they will tell you to hit the road. If a woman has nice breasts for example, you probably aren’t the first guy that’s told her that this week. She’ll pass you off as some other bum that’s trying to get with her for that reason alone.

Be Sincere


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Above all else, be honest. Don’t make something up just to get the chance to talk to her, or as an attempt to get laid. You are debasing yourself, her and basing the whole relationship on bullshit.

Little tip for you all, if it seems like a cheesy pick-up line, it probably is. You may not realize this if you’re one of those guys that spends the majority of their time learning dating tips from movies and television shows; but women don’t like guys that act like Quagmire from Family Guy.

For the uninitiated to that show, the character is basically a walking pickup line. He also rarely ever gets any woman despite being somebody that thinks he is god’s gift to females because everyone can see through his bullshit. He might as well be holding a sign that says “I’m Just Trying To Get Laid”.

Women know that we as a whole are just trying to get laid, but they don’t want to be beaten over the head with it.

There’s a difference between yelling “hey baby, you must be from Tennessee ‘cause you’re the only ten I see!” and asking me how my day’s going, respectfully asking if you can speak to me about something, or paying me a genuine compliment.

Once, a guy told me I had really nice teeth, which may sound unusual but was also something I knew to be true, and therefore I appreciated it. (Hey, braces and whitening gel are expensive!)
So guys, remember this: Women like being complimented, but they also treasure their personal space. Keep it honest and respectful, and women will be more likely to appreciate your efforts.

One story that shows that sincerity will always win out in the end. A few years ago I was at a party and there were women crawling everywhere. There was this one girl that had caught my eye but some of my other friends had been trying to introduce me to other chicks at the party. They weren’t totally aware of my rank as a master wingman. I would be really nice to these women that they brought up to me and I would complement them on something that they had probably heard thousands of times before.

The one girl I was actually interested in I spend a great deal of time talking to but I didn’t compliment her. I waited for at least an hour before I complimented her on something. She looked at me stunned like she never thought it was going to happen. She actually asked me what took me so long.

What I said to her was a stroke of absolute genius. I told her that she probably saw me talking to half a dozen other women throughout the evening and probably heard me complimenting them. I told her that I waited to say something so she knew I was serious and just not putting her in a long line of women who I was just humoring that evening. Dear god, the sex from that one was absolutely amazing.


The key with compliments is very simple. Treat the girl the way you would want to be treated. Be sincere and only compliment someone when it warrants it and you will do fine.


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