7 Steps To Taking A Breakup Like A Man – Part 2

7 Steps To Taking A Breakup Like A Man - Part 2

Don’t Drink Your Pain Away


Look, I know that sometimes nothing takes the sting out of some chick dumping you than by going out to the bar and drinking far more than your body could normally handle. But guess what, that morning after the pain of her breaking up has come back, busted your god damn door down and probably brought the hangover from hell along with it.

Don’t make it a habit of putting things into your system that will make you a pathetic slobbering fool or cause you to want to get into fights with inanimate objects. When the breakup happens, make plans to meet friends on mutually happy soil like the gym or somewhere that you can physically work out the stress that you are going to be under.

Besides, you’re supposed to drink to enjoy yourself; not put yourself through misery. Any drink that’s taken out of anger or sadness is just going to compound the shit that it does to your body. Doesn’t cost anything to just do some push ups instead.

Surround Yourself With Women


Now, you might think of yourself as a lone wolf that doesn’t need anyone’s help to get through this rough ass time, but having someone to lean on a bit during a rough breakup always helps. Especially one that’s hot. Even better, two or three. This is where those chicks that just want to be friends come in handy.

Women work well as breakup buddies. For example, they can look at shit from the girl’s perspective. They know your ass. Maybe you did something wrong and you can’t see it just because you’re a guy. They can also tell you how they would have handled things if they were the woman. Chances are they would have handled it better than she did.

Another reason is that throughout the ages women have been widely known as the nurturing and caring of the species. Who do we run to when we cut our fingers as kids? That’s right, the women. Because we know that when it all comes down to it, we really want a friendly ear throughout this fucking hailstorm.
The guys that I’ve talked to have all told me that when they have surrounded themselves with women after a breakup they felt better because the women gave them more attention. They said that their guy friend weren’t as receptive because they were dealing with their own female drama. That and it really made them feel puffed up when people saw them walking around town with a harem of good looking women.

Having people like that around can keep you from drunk dialing your ex and make sure you don’t disappear to the point they start putting your face on milk cartons.

Maintain Your Momentum

getting momentum back

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Just like the coach told you on the football field when you took a hard shot. Stay in motion and walk that shit off. A breakup is often a blessing in disguise. It’s a great time to rebuild and reevaluate, so find any new thing you can to fill the time you would have been spending with the chick that was dumb enough to dump you. Go out, walk around the mall, go to the gym…you might see me there. Yeah, I’ll say hello. The point is, make plans to get yourself out of your damn room otherwise you’re going to turn into a hermit.

Get Back On the Horse

get back on horse

When you were all little kids learning how to ride a bike, you didn’t go back in the house crying the first time you fell. Maybe Wayne, but you get my point. The only way to perfect your craft is to keep trying even after what seems like a miserable failure. So get back out there and start talking to women again. At least you will have learned something from all the pain and agony this chick has put you through.


Breakups are rough, there’s no way around it. There’s going to be hurt feelings. However, if you use even some of the methods I just told you about you’ll be able to get through it with your head held high like a man!

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