The Manly Guide To Building Wealth

Just about everyone at one point or another has that dream that pops into their head at one point or another of what would happen if they won the lottery. You would by lying to yourself if you didn’t admit to at some point of sitting back and thinking of what you would do if you could live the life you always dreamed about.

Most of us never will win the lottery. That doesn’t mean that you cannot achieve wealth and live the life that you always wanted. Here are some ways that you can work towards that dream life you always wanted.



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After you are done reading this of course, you have to make up a plan. The reason that they call it a path to wealth is because getting there is quite similar to taking a hike through the woods. If you don’t make a sound plan to get to your destination you will never get there!

The key is brainstorming. For every few ideas you have that will probably fail, you will have your million dollar idea. So write them all down. Think of all the things that you’ve ever wanted to try or make a focus in your life. If you aren’t sure about something and think it’s a sure fail, write it down anyway. You never know which idea you commit to paper will be the one that gives you the yacht buying money.

Look at it this way, many years ago there was a man that came up with the idea of selling books over the internet. There were some that thought he was out-of-his-gourd crazy. Now that guy is not only selling books; but he is selling literally everything else.

You may not have an idea on your list like the one that eventually became Amazon. However, the more ideas you write down the more you will find something that will work for you. What seems like a silly idea to you as you are writing it down might actually be a need to millions of people that nobody has ever thought of before.

Eliminate Negative Activities


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One of the keys to wealth and living the life of your dreams is happiness. We all have things that make us happy, from that weekly excursion to a sporting events to drinking large quantities of grain alcohol.

It may seem like I am telling you to put your cart before your horse, but trust me on this. Try getting rid of some of your current regular activities from your life and see what the results are. One of the reasons to do this is that some of the activities that you think make you happy are simply time wasters that are filling a void. You may think you are happy playing video games three hours a day. In reality you are probably just killing time. Killing doesn’t make anyone happy. You might actually find yourself happier not doing some of the things you do on a regular basis.

Secondly, not having stuff to do will make you bored and entice you to find new things to do. To give you an example, for years I was into baseball card collecting. Even after the market tanked on baseball cards I was still grabbing every new card I could find. One day I stopped going after new cards and sold my entire collection at a rate much lower than the market suggested. Instead of collecting as many cards as I could I instead focused myself on getting one of the rarer cards out there. I found myself actually happier for not having the giant box of cards that weren’t worth anything and looking for the one that was actually worth a fortune.

I still haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m getting closer every day. Remember, sometimes the chase is better than the catch.

Test Things Out


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Remember the list I spoke about a minute ago? Alright, what you need to do next is go through that list and using the extra time you have on your hands figure out which one of those things is a true passion of yours.

You may have written down that you want to figure out how to build a better mousetrap; while not really giving a damn about mousetraps. Not being happy in your pursuit of wealth is going to make the journey that much harder. Narrow down that list to things that you would gladly do for free but happen to know you could get paid for. You might think that building birdhouses is something that somebody couldn’t be happy about doing. However, there are some people that think doing that sort of thing is the greatest thing in the world.

They also make a killing out of making little wooden boxes to put bird seed in. They may not be Warren Buffet, but some of them are happy as a clam because they are making enough to feed their families doing something they would gladly do for no money at all.

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Earn Money From Your Passions


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As I said in the last point, there are some people that make money building birdhouses. Why do they make money doing it? Because it’s their passion. They would gladly do it for free, so they put more love into their work than they would if they were an assistant manager at a movie theater or something of the like. Once you have narrowed down what truly makes you happy that you can make money from, go at it with all speed.

You may not become a millionaire overnight. The journey getting there will a much happier one just because you are doing something you love and they money will almost seem secondary. Now that it doesn’t help of course!

Every man out there has something that will truly make them happy. Everyone has something they are good at which could make them money. All it takes is a little brainstorming and hard work to find out what will lead you down the road of wealth and happiness.

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