The Manly 4-Point Guide To Getting A Ripped Body

A lot of guys want to become muscle-bound fitness freaks. I say good for you! However, you should be aware of something right away. It’s one thing to get in shape. It’s another to build muscle. It is another entirely altogether to get ripped. If you want to start looking like the type of man that can step onto the platform of a bodybuilding competition and WIN without lifting a finger there are some rules you are going to have to follow.

Have A Carbohydrate Strategy


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As easy as some people that have muscle builds that take the shape of some notable mountain ranges make the whole getting ripped thing look; getting there is about as hard as climbing Everest itself. This sort of thing is going to take you some time.

Now, no doubt that you’ve heard it from every corner of the fitness world that carbs are your sworn enemy. Not exactly. You have to think of carbs as sort of mercenaries. You know, the guys that sit in the back of military surplus shops reading about guns and assorted implements of destruction until the time comes that asks them to burst into a foreign country and mess things up Predator style.

Carbs are actually an essential part of the muscle building process. For one thing, if you cut carbs completely from your diet your brain will simply not work. It all comes to using them correctly. Figure out the right balance for you. You have to do a good portion of your carbs right when you wake up in the morning and right after a workout. Too many carbs will simply get you tired and you could fall asleep right under the bench press.

If this were a western, the carbs would be the skinny fellow running the ticket booth at the train station. Sure, he’s good to run the nerve center but you wouldn’t ask him to lift a tipped over wagon.

Eat More Fat


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Alright, don’t get out the pitchforks and the torches just yet. It’s not necessarily what you are eating sometimes, it’s what you are doing with that fuel afterwards. Now I’m not talking about going to a fast food joint and downing seventy burgers and then trying to lift. That shit’s got more sodium in it than most underground salt mines.

Fat itself doesn’t make you fat, too much food does. See, part of the issue here is that to reach your goal you are going to be curbing your carb intake. You need to get that energy from somewhere right? Which is where the fat comes in.

Healthy fats are actually going to curb whatever cravings you might have from reducing your dependency on grains due to the fact that they take your body longer to break down. Besides, fats are essential in balancing out your natural hormones that you are going to need to function normally. Now, you don’t want to stick an HGH needle in your ass; you want to do this the right way! So if you see that there’s a certain amount of fat in something, look at the rest of the label before you run screaming.

Swap Fruits For Vegetables


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Remember when you were little and your parents told you how important it was for you to eat your vegetables? Guess what, your mother was right!

Fruits are great for you. The bad side is that they are full of natural sugars. Natural sugars means that mercenary sitting in the back of the surplus store: the carbs. Remember, you want that guy only when it’s absolutely necessary.

So how does one not completely lose out on all the benefits of edible plant life in your wanting of rippling muscles? Swap out your apple for a cucumber. Seriously. When you choose veggie instead of fruit, you get to keep all the nutrients and antioxidants associated with that variety of edible content and your carb intake gets reduced drastically. Vegetables have a significantly lower number of calories and carbs in them compared to their fruity counterparts. You continue eating high servings of fruit in your diet while trying to build muscle, it’s no different than pouring sugar in the gas tank of your car.

Limit Your Cardio


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If we were talking about getting lean and slim for a run at a major city’s marathon I would not be telling you most of what I am telling you. I’d be telling you to go ahead and spend an hour or so every day on a tread mill.

However, there is one thing that you have to understand about cardio. Cardio is like a burning fire. Confined to one small hole in the wall of your house it will keep you and your family warm for the evening. Let to burn unrestricted and your entire house will go up in flames.

The reason is that cardio burns calories. A lot of them. You, wanting a good looking physique will want to keep as many of those calories for yourself. The carb ones, the proteins and even the fat ones. You don’t want to burn those like logs in a fire! You sir, want to keep them for yourself so they can be converted into muscle that can make the fabric on a shirt cling to dear life as it wonders if today is going to be the day it gets ripped to pieces.

If you are going to do some kind of cardio, keep a strict limit to it. A mile’s worth of running seems to be about enough to keep your wind at a proper level and not burn too many calories. If you are concentrating on building muscle you have to make sure your feet are planted under a weight bench and not on a treadmill.

When it comes to getting ripped like a mountain range, it’s going to take a long time. However, if you follow an amazingly simple path to muscles that you’d need a Jeep to drive over you will get there. Just keep your head on the path and don’t give up!

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