The 5 Components Of Attraction – Part 2

The 5 Components Of Attraction - Part 2



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What does it mean to be indifferent? Quite simply, it means that you’re not that emotionally attached to the outcome. It also means that you’re not taking things to seriously and that you’re not completely hung up on making something happen.

One of the problems that guys get stuck into when they first start dating is that they start hunting for reaction. That first time that you tell a great story and make the girl laugh; you have to admit that it feels really good. Especially if you’re striking out with women most of the time.

I have to admit, I didn’t come across all of this knowledge by having it air dropped from the sky. A lot of this came from a great deal of trial, error and listening to people a hell of a lot smarter than I am. I used to be an attraction junkie and I was always jonesing for good responses from women. I would sit and talk to a girl, trying to keep running my best attraction material until the girl decided to get up and leave.

A great deal of any success I had in my earlier days when it came to women is from the fact that I am somewhat of a funny person to begin with to I would just go all out trying to make girls laugh until they pissed themselves. Then I would throw a Hail Mary pass to try and escalate things. Sometimes it would work because I was still riding the wave of making them laugh. However, my ratio of success was very inconsistent.

Once I started reading and listening to people smarter than I with this stuff, it was harder to do that stuff because I was trying to get a specific good reaction. You make one comment that’s cocky or funny and the girl punches you in the shoulder and makes the sour milk face.

You do the same thing another time and the laughs. Then she just smiles. After awhile you find that you’ve uncovered a little button that you’re pushing and you’re not as cool as you had previously thought. Eventually all the reactions just disappear. Now why is that?

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It’s because that in truth, you’re demonstrating to the girl that you really care about getting the girl to like you. Guys that have throngs of women in their lives don’t care about getting any one specific girl. If you care too much about getting any one specific girl even if it’s just for a single night excursion, then you’ve just shot yourself in the foot; because you’ve placed far too much value on it. That’s when you start really making bad decisions.



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I don’t think you need me to tell you this; but flirting is extremely fun. It’s something that girls want to do. Despite what you may think, they actually do want to get hit on. They just want to get hit on in the proper way. No girl in history has ever spent three hours getting ready for a night out doing their makeup and hair so they can go out to the club to have everyone ignore them.

They want to be flirted with. Flirting is supposed to be a fun and teasing, not you coming onto a girl nonstop like your life depends on it. Flirting done properly makes the girl well aware that you are interested in her in the right sense, not as someone to go shopping with or somebody that is going to be limited to the role of emotional tampon. It’s showing that you like her, and showing that you are having fun with her and that you are interested in having sex with her at some point.

Being Social


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Showing that you’re a very social person will also garner you a lot of points when it comes time for the woman to make the decision to go to bed with you. Why is that? Well simply, you’re interested in meeting everybody. If you come across like you’re having a good time and stopping by every table to say hello because it seems like everyone’s evening would go to shit if you didn’t, you’ve increased your value in the eyes of the woman.


Unless you’re a complete jerk, it’s really easy to put some of what I just said into practice. All you have to do is be yourself. Because everyone is fun and playful in their own way.

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