5 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile Sucks – Part 1

5-Reasons-Your-Online-Dating-Profile-Sucks---Part-1Whether it be Facebook or Match or anyone of the countless networking sites that people use to try and foster budding romantic relationships, guys by the truckload are using them for the sole purpose of meeting women.

Well, at least that’s one of the ancillary uses.  The main objective it seems is to tell the entire world about all your likes, dislikes, wants and desires.  There’s a severe lack of personal editing going on with these profiles and it shows.  How many women have sent you messages this week or month asking you to go out?  None huh?  Well here some reasons why.

1. You Are Looking For An Endorsement Of Your Single Life

being-single-is-awesome1Indeed it is at times

Ironically enough, guys on their dating profiles tend to list the things that they like doing currently.  As in their favorite recreational activities as a single man.  Women can see right through to the difference between a guy that likes to go and watch the game at the neighborhood bar and one that’s trolling for women.

They know you’re trolling for women; otherwise you wouldn’t have a profile on a dating site.  It’s an insult to their intelligence and that’s not going to even garner you a poke or a wave or whatever it may be on your particular site of preference.  You might want to take down those pictures of you out with the guys at three in the morning.

Don’t be overly enthusiastic about the single guy activities that you are engaged in.  Because the first thing she is going to think when seeing that is that the second you two are locked in a relationship you are going to be pining for the days of yore when you were the drunkest guy in the picture I just talked about.

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overlyattachedgirlfriendThis is why men become single

If you want to be single, be single.  That’s the beginning and end of it all.  You shouldn’t be wasting your time or anyone else’s time trying to pretend that you want to settle down when all you really care about is somebody that is going to think it’s so cool that you act like you don’t care whether you’re with someone or not.

Women want to eventually settle down with a guy that they care about and they’d like to think that we do as well.  You don’t want to go into the relationship with the woman having to be on edge all the time that she’s a half a step away from being kicked to the curb just because you miss being able to go out and get loaded every night of the week instead of spending time with her.

2. You’re Genuinely A Horrible Person

horrible If you laughed at this… then yup. You’re horrible

Maybe it’s just you.  You could just be an awful human being.  Not the kind that plots murders or anything beyond the pale such as that, but just a guy that comes off as a jerk.  Take stock of your profile and see the things that might offend you if you weren’t you.

That means that taking those mentions that anyone who doesn’t agree with you on something is an idiot posts off the page might be a good idea.  And if you don’t  like something, try to come up with a nicer way of saying it.  If you don’t like dogs, don’t be the guy that says that you flat out hate them.

Come in with a softer approach, like saying you’ve never really been a pet person.  Women see stuff like this and run for the hills.  In their minds, they are thinking well if he hates dogs this much how vocal is he going to be when I ask him to get me tampons at two in the morning?  And it might not be a good idea to poke fun at people for any reason.  All they are going to think is that if they get with you that they are just a closer target to shoot more accurate barbs at.

horrible2Yes you will

If you’re one of these people that seems to habitually never get a second date, maybe you need to look within yourself and try to figure out exactly what the hell is happening from allowing your dating plan to go into full effect.  Chances are, you’re acting like a complete jerk.  If that’s the case, you’re going to end up a miserable bastard that nobody wants to be around.  Hell, you’ll be lucky if you get allowed admission to the friend zone.

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