4 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make Your Girl Smile

Most guys would agree would they would practically do just about anything to make the woman they are with smile. It’s not always because it’s beneficial to us, sometimes it might just be because the rush of making somebody happy makes us feel good as well.

Some girls you are going to be with are a little bit harder to get a smile out of. Some are just downright sad sacks that you need to bust out clowns and balloons for. However, most of the time getting a smile out of your lady isn’t as hard as you think. Here’s a few ways to get her beaming.

Prove Chivalry Isn’t Dead


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The actual definition of what chivalry actually is goes all the way back to the middle ages. That doesn’t mean that you have to rush into battle on a horse with a giant stick to demonstrate some basic courtesy to your chosen woman. If you asked just about any woman out there they will tell you that the guy that is the one that opens doors or carries her groceries back to her apartment for her is the one that will end up gaining her romantic affections every time.

Here’s one that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. There are some women that believe it or not, appreciate that there are some guys that insist on paying for everything on a date. For starters, it is a polite thing to do and it shows you have a genuine interest in her. Simple things like paying for her meal tell a woman that if you’ll sacrifice money that you worked hard for at a job you probably hate, than you’ll probably take a punch from someone trying to mug the two of you on the way home from the next date.

Also, after the date is over walk her up to her door. Even if the two of you are taking cabs home, tell the driver to hold on for a minute. Trust me, it’s worth the extra couple of dollars to leave the meter running to plant the message that whether or not this first date turns into something else that you care that she safely makes it back home. You may not get invited in for coffee every time, but I can assure you that you will be met with a giant smile from the lady.

Once you are with the girl, don’t ever cheat on her. If you feel like things are grinding to a halt in the relationship, say so and be honest. She’ll respect you in the end even though you’ve temporarily washed the smile from her face. If you tell her you are going to call by six, call at six. If you can’t, let her know in advance that you can’t. Besides, she knows already that you knew you couldn’t make the time as scheduled. Way to make a woman smile, treat her with class and dignity.

Surprise Her


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We’re not talking about something like calling her and saying the test came back positive. We’re talking about good surprises. Women love them some surprises. By going out of your way to surprise her, you are basically showing her that you think she is special and that you want to make her happy.

A common thought that is often wrong in the minds of most guys is that you have to take out a sizable loan from a bank to surprise a woman. Not the case at all. Most women aren’t expecting you to bust through the door with bags packed telling her to cancel all her appointments for the week because she’s going to Cancun. Sometimes simple stuff is what works the best at making her smile in the surprise department.

The key to surprises are to throw the person a little off of their game. You can do that by going after the little buttons instead of pushing the large ones. Skip the expensive flower arrangement sent to her office and arrange to have her favorite thing for lunch be delivered to her courtesy of an “anonymous” source. She’ll know it’s you anyway.

When the time comes for you two to go out for the evening to see a movie, go and buy tickets to the movie she wants to see even though it may not be something that’s necessarily to your liking. Sometimes surprises take a little bit of sacrifice on your end of things.

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Being spontaneous is also a big part of surprising a woman. We’re not saying come home from work with her name tattooed on you knuckles, just something that she wouldn’t have thought of on her own usually does the trick. One time when I was living in New York I was dating this girl and I told her that we were going out one afternoon and that’s all I told her. We walked through Central Park with her wondering the whole time what was going to be at the end of this journey.

Anyway, we were walking through the park and I stopped her in front of one of those horse drawn carriages. Without her knowing, I had hired the carriage to ride us through the park, stopping at the spot we had entered the park earlier. She was smiling for the whole week after that.

It doesn’t always have to be a carriage ride. Sometimes a trip twenty miles out of the city for milkshakes at some hole in the wall diner does the trick too. Use you imaginations!

Show Your Funny Side


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If on regular intervals happen to have your friends doubled over in laughter, consider yourself to be very lucky. There’s some people that just couldn’t get folks to laugh if the ghost of George Carlin possessed their body. However, everyone has that little bit of comedian in them. Take whatever steps that you have to take to find your inner funny man.

Finding as much natural humor in everyday situations will attract people to you just because you come off as a person that is always thinking positively. It’s far too east to get wrapped up in worrying what other people think about you. Take a moment to relax and reflect on the humor that you find in everyday life.

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t had something funny happen to them. You, reading this right now, are probably about to have something funny happen to them in the next three hours. It may be embarrassing to you at the time but it is certainly something you can turn into a funny little tale of misadventure later.

Women have sort of been conditioned to think that part of a guy being on his best behavior around them means being this statue of granite that doesn’t crack a smile and can’t do it for others as well. It’s times like this that you need to be silly. You and the woman you are dating probably have each other’s phone numbers by this point. Send her a picture of you at the grocery store buying nothing but oatmeal. Seriously, fill a whole shopping cart with nothing but oatmeal. Take a picture of you with the shopping cart. It will look like the most ridiculous thing in the world at the time, but it will get a smile out of her for its sheer silliness.

Lastly, being able to poke fun at yourself when others would have steam coming out of their ears is a great way to make a woman smile. Neighbor of mine once had his girlfriend laughing so hard she almost pissed herself. We had a terrible snowstorm that blocked most of the roads for at least a day or so. He’s out there being a good man and shoveling the driveway. His shovel breaks in half. Does he come over to me and ask to borrow my shovel? Does he get his spare shovel out of his car? Nope. He spend the next five minute “shoveling” his driveway off by picking the snow up with his bare hands and tossing it to the side. It may not seem like a hoot from that one sentence, but after about three or four minutes of her watching this; the woman had tears streaming down her face.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet


smile 4


If you truly want to make a girl smile, get in touch with your romantic side. Forgo the candlelit dinner at home with the red tablecloth and the rose petals. To win a girl over, break the traditional mold and try something different and unexpected. Most girls would rather do without the fancy dinners and the extravagant gifts; they really want to know that you’re thinking about them when they’re not around. Writing on her Facebook wall and texting that you care about her is nice, but to make a lasting impression, tell her how you feel about her. Pay attention to what’s going on in her life. Compliment her new hairstyle, and congratulate her on school or sports success.

A woman wants to know that you look forward to spending time with them no matter how full your schedule on that particular day is. If you’ve seen the movie The Notebook, you probably remember the part where the two main characters were slow dancing in the middle of a deserted road even though there was no music playing. For all we know, he was humming something to her anyway.

If out of the clear blue sky you grab your woman by the hand and give her a romantic spin around the room that will knock her right off her feet. Hell, do it while her friends are watching and you’ll get bonus points from that. Singing along to the radio when the two of you are going somewhere in the car always helps. If you’ve been paying attention to what her five favorite songs are this knowledge will definitely come in handy at a time like this.

If it’s her birthday, throw her a surprise party. Young and old, this works on any woman. My grandfather once organized a group of two hundred people to show up to a banquet hall in the middle of nowhere for a surprise party for my grandmother’s seventy fifth birthday party. You do something like that for your woman and it will give her a little smile for the rest of her life. No matter how bad the day is for her in the future, she will always think of what you did for her and smile.



Don’t be surprised by the fact that it seems like the same stuff has been making women smile for what seems like hundreds of years. If you pay attention and do any of the things I have outlined here, you will benefit from your woman grinning from ear to ear.

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