5 Signs That She Is The One – Part 2


3. Doesn’t Have Sex With You Right Away

abstinenceBecause she looks like this

This may seem like a completely out of left field idea for some of you guys, and in most instances it’s probably the truth that you think I’m talking complete crazy talk.  Remember now, we’re talking about the one.  Not the next one in a line of many, but the one.  We ultimately want a woman that at some point down the road we can sit down next to our parents and not be embarrassed that mom is passing the potatoes to the town whore.

If the both of you obviously want to have sex and she gives you the speech about how the time needs to be right, that’s the signal that she’s emotionally into you as much as you are to her.  Physically as well.

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Think of it this way, for those of you that celebrate Christmas remember the following.  Your parents did not buy your presents for you on Christmas Eve.  They likely bought those weeks in advance and hid them in a closet somewhere that you couldn’t find them.

How magical would the moment be if they handed that new toy to you that you wrote a letter to Santa asking for the moment they got home from the mall?  It would leave you a feeling of it’s almost too easy.  Nothing worth keeping comes easy in this world and she shouldn’t be either.  If she’ll have sex with you at the drop of a hat, chances are she will with anyone else as well.

4. You Don’t Have To Impress Each Other

 impressHe doesn’t need to impress her

Some of us are quite unfortunate in the fact that we don’t find our true love on the first trip out of the gate.  There are quite a few guys that somehow never happen to find that.  Because of this, we feel like we are cursed by a secret coven of warlocks or something like that into thinking that we are going to find the woman of our dreams by letting woman after woman who we wouldn’t allow to be locked in a box in our storage unit let alone the personal space that we hold so dear.

So guys will sometime build a wall around our true selves that we make absolutely sure that the woman will need to climb a ladder to eventually see who the real you is.  We really don’t want to share the worst or most embarrassing parts of ourselves so we build that wall in hopes of the woman feels like is is too far to turn back once she finds out we aren’t really prince charming.

impress1Yes… true

There’s ways around this where you don’t need to start building that emotional wall from the time you say hello to this girl.  It involves you getting to where you can share the absolute worst things about yourself and not judge the woman when she lays out some stuff on you that you would normally turn your head and run screaming away from.

If you’re dating somebody that you may have known in high school, this is especially true.  Even if the person only had a passing knowledge of you when you were younger; they already sort of know what you are about.  So any deviation from the norm could be seen as a potential bullshit story waiting to strike.  You’ll know she’s it for you when you are sitting across from her at dinner one night and you bust out something that any sane person would consider to be embarrassing and she either laughs or starts actually offering you advice.

5.You Have Learned How To Trust

 trustYes… trust

I have to admit that completely trusting the other person in the relationship is sometimes more difficult than piloting a spacecraft.  There are literally so many facets to this that it almost becomes something that takes a doctorate level education.

I can’t begin to say how many personal friends of mine I have that have flown into tantrums that would befit the crankiest four year old; just because his woman said she’d be back from the store in twenty minutes and it’s bearing down on twenty seven.  Even if there was a good reason, like she ran into an old girlfriend from work or they only had one register or was training a new cashier; they can just absolutely sense with no doubt whatsoever that their woman was trolling for another man on the side.

The trust thing is going to come along once you are further down the road in a relationship, and practically never at the beginning.  Ever notice guys the amount of times a new girlfriend will show up where you work as opposed to a woman you’ve been in a relationship for a while with?

That’s because that she knows you are still bullshitting her to some extent and wants to see exactly where that takes her.  If you’ve got a good woman she won’t do that.  She understands the fact that just because you work with women for example and don’t shun them like they’ve got some kind of disfiguring disease that you’re not trying to screw every single one of them.

trust2Prove it!

On the same side of the coin, a woman isn’t out to get down with every guy she comes across and you damn well know it.  She works with guys, since a great deal of jobs are overpopulated with men.  We men made sure of that for hundreds of years so it’s nobody’s fault but ours.  That being said, if you’re invited as her plus one to the holiday party for her work for example; don’t start sharpening knives because she runs up to a guy that she works with and greets him with what seems like to you might be an unusually high amount of enthusiasm.  Maybe he legitimately helped her out with something on the job that made it so she could pass an employee review or something.

You should expect the same exact treatment that you give your woman.  So if you start texting her asking where the hell she is once the time she said she’s going to be gone has passed; don’t start having fits.  You start doing that and she will have all rights to do the same.

You know that you are in a relationship where trust has been gained and earned when the only call you get or receive when one of you is out is what flavor of ice cream you want.  It’s the little things people.


There’s no surefire way to find out if a girl is the one, but there are sort of signposts like what I just mentioned if they happen.  If a woman does any of these things, or goes out of her way to do something nice that you absolutely different expect; she may be it.  Remember, the girl that you can say when you are old and on your deathbed was the one comes along once in a lifetime.  If you’re lucky.

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