5 Ways To Handle Getting Cheated On – Part 1

5 Ways To Handle Getting Cheated On - Part 1

Some guys never have a problem keeping their woman faithful and devoted to them. But it can happen to any of us–so whether you’ve ever been cheated on by a girlfriend or not, do yourself and read this article so that you’re prepared if and when this devastating bomb ever gets dropped on you.

I’ll admit, I’ve been cheated on. (It happened before I started learning how to get good with women; back then, I was your typical “nice guy” who allowed chicks to get away with WAY too much and let them walk all over me.)

Long story short, I was going out with this girl and I swear to you, I treated her like a queen. Then one day, I looked at her phone while she was in the shower and I found out she had been seeing another guy on the side! Then I lost my cool. Well actually, I didn’t lose my cool. I had my pal Manly Mike lose his cool. Next thing you know, the douche bag my girl was cheating on me with broke two of his ribs “falling” down a stairwell.

Some guys, it seems, have problems with getting their girl to stay faithful to them. Which is where you might need to step in and give your friend advice to dodge that landmine. If it’s too late and the cheat has already occurred, here are some ways to ensure that it doesn’t ever happen again.

1. How To Handle Getting Cheated On, Rule #1: Forgive But Don’t Forget

Forgive But Don’t Forget

Now before you guys get out the pitchforks and torches to set your buddy Wingman Wayne ablaze like a roman candle, please remember that I’m here to help you. No matter how smooth a guy I am, I admit that I’ve been cheated on before. It was long before I became this great bastion of knowledge that I am but that’s beside the point. I’m all about you guys learning from my mistakes.

Now that you all have hopefully put your torches out we shall begin. Getting cheated on is a terrible thing and you have to move forward. I’m not talking about forgiving her. You can take that straight to the grave with you. There’s no problem in being upset at a person for doing something so horrible to you. I’m talking about forgiving yourself for lapses in judgment.

The signs of a woman that is cheating you or is going to cheat on you should become very apparent quickly to you if you know how to spot them. If the two of you have been together long enough you guys have probably settled into a routine by now. If she suddenly starts deviating from this routine then you should start asking questions.

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The deviation from the routine could have nothing to do with her cheating at all. She could just be wanting some time to herself without you poking your head in every five minutes. But if it turns out that she was indeed using these girls nights out to go find a man to fulfill whatever needs you weren’t giving her on the side, then think to yourself what were you not seeing.

Maybe you didn’t remember the story she told about the way her last relationship ended where her and her other ex were seeing each other while her then current boyfriend was out of town. The signs are definitely there people; you just have to look for them. It’s like when guys like Manly Mike play back video of whatever sporting contest a musclebound lug like that is involved in. Especially if they lose, they don’t want to know about the block they made. They want to know what led up to the block that they missed.

2. How To Handle Getting Cheated On, Rule #2: It’s Not You, It’s Her

It’s Not You, It’s Her

Whatever your shortcomings may have been, whether you spent too much time at the office or weren’t there for her at some crisis moment, don’t beat yourself up over the fact that you got cheated on. It was her fault. Look at you for a second, you are an amazing person. I know that every single one of you reading this has some wonderful quality unique to you that a woman would be an absolute idiot to risk losing over a one night fling. Even you Mike.

Now, you may have ignored the warning signs, but it’s downright silly to think that because you didn’t see it coming that you’re the one at fault. You’re not psychic for God’s sake! While you may have let yourself down for not seeing it coming, it sure as heck doesn’t bring you down to the level that you would share if you were somebody that betrayed another person’s trust.

Being guilty of the first requires a bit of soul searching on your part and asking yourself how you might have been able to keep it from happening. Being guilty of the other means that when we all get up to those pearly gates whether or not we all get to become permanent wingmen or not. Don’t let her betrayal of you change who you are. If you were a cool, happening person before all this nonsense happened continue to be that cool happening person. Don’t let it bring you down. You wouldn’t feel it was your fault if you got robbed if somebody was pointing a gun at you!

There’s going to be warning signs and red flags in any relationship that tell you your woman is about to cheat on your ass. If you were a person that couldn’t see the red flags coming this time, then just be more aware of them for next time. Let the whole sad affair generate some healthy growth, but don’t let it rob you of what makes you the person you are

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