5 Ways To Handle Getting Cheated On – Part 2

5 Ways To Handle Getting Cheated On - Part 2

3. How To Handle Getting Cheated On, Rule #3: Get A New Type

Get A New Type

When I’m dating–and by dating, I mean looking for women to have a good time with–I don’t have a particular “type.” Part of being a good wingman means that sometimes I have to “dive on a grenade” so a friend can end up with a better looking woman than the one I’ll be chewing my arm off the next morning to get away from.

So when it comes to just enjoying myself for the evening, I give the women a lot of leeway as to what I’ll go after.

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However, when I’ve been in the mind of getting into a long relationship, I’m very picky about the type of woman I’m going to go after. I’ve had to change that over the years. When I was younger, I used to be into a particular type of woman. Then, believe it or not, I got cheated on. You know what I did? I changed the strategy.

If you’re going after party girls, and staying in relationships with party girls and they keep cheating on you; it’s sort of your fault. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. It’s the thing that keeps us from touching the burner on a stove more than once. You learn what’s not good for you and then you get on with it.

If you come to your senses and figure out that the girl just cheated on you was a particular type of woman, next time you’re ready to get back in the race don’t go chasing after that type. If she was a part girl for example, go after someone that’s a little more of a homebody type. Sure, you won’t get the satisfaction of being kicked out of the club well after last call has been announced, but at least you won’t have to worry that the same thing will happen with the new girl as with the old one that cheated on you.

4. How To Handle Getting Cheated On, Rule #4: Don’t Convict The Wrong Person

Don’t Convict The Wrong Person

When you eventually get the strength to go out with somebody new, it’s important to start things off with a clean slate. Do not expect them to serve the sentence for the bad shit that your ex pulled on you. You have to, in every relationship, give the person your complete and total trust. If you go into relationship B after you were cheated on in relationship A taking the preemptive measures that you should have in A, it’s not going to last long. She’s probably going to leave you before the thought of cheating ever crosses their mind.

Don’t be vengeful towards that new girl for the shit your last girlfriend pulled. I’ve had this happen to me so I know it’s not a fun situation to be in. About ten years ago I was with this chick and the entire first date conversation was about how her last boyfriend had cheated on her a few weeks before. The wounds were still very fresh with this one.

Anyway, we were at dinner and having a great time when out of nowhere she just stood up and stormed out on me. By the time I was able to pay the check she was already on the way home in a cab. For two days I tried to get in touch with her, genuinely concerned with what happened. When I finally got in touch with her, she spilled out to me that she was pissed that I had smiled at the waitress. What the hell was I supposed to do, scowl like she had dropped my steak?

Apparently her last boyfriend had cheated on her with a waitress. The wound was so fresh in her mind that she couldn’t help but think that a violent blow like storming out of the place was the only way to keep me from eventually cheating on her with a waitress. Needless to say, we didn’t go out again.

The way to prevent a situation like from happening after you get cheated on is while you should indeed be on guard for any weirdness from the person; you should also take them at their word. Don’t treat them as if you are punishing them for a crime they haven’t committed. This is the real world, not a deleted scene from Minority Report.

5. How To Handle Getting Cheated On, Rule #5: Check Your Emotional Baggage

Check Your Emotional Baggage

After you break up with somebody who has cheated on you, there are a couple of things that tend to sneak into the metaphorical suitcase that everyone takes from the relationship with them: one being fear, and the other being insecurity.

The fear that the next remotely compatible person that crosses your path may cheat on you. Fear that you might be cheated on again is going to make you on guard when it comes to you showing your new woman any kind of emotional vulnerability. Remember guys, while we are strutting around like peacocks at the club trying to impress the woman they don’t mind we acting all puffed up, but once it gets to the point where we’re lying in bed at three in the morning they would like to see us a little more toned down.

And insecurity about a past relationship has been the cause of more bad relationships than anything else I can think of. You’re so worried that something bad is going to happen with this next girl that you’re scared to break it off even if this new girl is a completely terrible match for you. My advice to you on this is to check everything at the door and don’t let the sins of the past get in the way of the pleasure of the future.

To sum things up, cheaters never win in the long run. The only way they come close is if you let them my not learning from the experience and moving on. If you do everything you can with what I said just now to keep these people from winning, your efforts will be richly rewarded in the future. Good luck people!

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