5 Ways To Have A Longer Lasting Relationship – Part 1

5-Ways-To-Have-A-Longer-Lasting-Relationship---Part-1Congratulations.  You’ve gotten past the awkward first few dates and you have managed to secure yourself what could best be described as a potentially long lasting romantic relationship.  You’ve struggled past the impressing the hell out of her stage of things and now you’re settled into a relatively comfortable groove at this stage of the game.

However, you’re still on very shaky ground and any misstep could send you packing back to SingleVille.  You’ve been there and you don’t want to go back.  Here are some ways you can ensure that you aren’t boarding the lonely train anytime soon.

1. Make Sure To Spend Time Apart

relationshipapart1 Time apart is good

I know this may seem counterproductive to what you have been trying to do but it’s actually a tried and true method that can work all the way up to and beyond the point of eventual marriage.  You both have your shared interests; the things that made you fall in love with each other.  However, there are some times where you are just going to get on her damn nerves.  I’m not saying by any means to spend a week out of town backpacking in the forest, but realize that she has shit she likes to do apart from you.  Things that were of interest to her long before you came along.

There’s a reason why there are Guy’s Nights Out and Girl’s Nights out.  It’s meant for the healthy decompression of any ill feelings that may be going on.  That way when you two are sharing each other’s company again you’ll have more cool stuff to talk about.  Even if you are watching movies in separate rooms, a little alone time sure as hell never hurt anybody.

relationshipapartSpace is good

When you do get back together, even if you were only apart for a couple of hours you will miss the ever loving hell out of each other.  I can tell you from experience that even if you have to go out to buy groceries on your own once you are in a longer relationship, the woman treats you a little bit differently when you get back home.  It’s not because you brought home her favorite oatmeal.  It’s because despite as much as you may be a pain in her neck, she actually misses you.

So make sure that you have that bowling night or the evening that you spend in the garage building birdhouses.  As long as you stay out of each other’s hair for just a little bit of time, you will come back to each other’s company; refreshed and possibly loving the person even more.

2. Actually Listen To Her

listen2 Grab me a beer too

Guys will screw this one up all the time.  The woman will come through the door or begin to talk to you at some point and you’ll sit there absent minded nodding your head and saying “Uh Huh” every few words.  Even though it might be a subject you couldn’t give a hoot about, for that moment immerse yourself in it solely because your woman is the one that’s talking about it.  Women will occasionally pull a listen test out on you just to see if you are up to snuff to continue.

listenMe neither

Even though you think you may be entrenched in your relationship; the woman may be looking at things as if she is running an office and you are a hired temp.  You can be let go for any reason at any time.  So even if you have no damn idea what she is talking about, acknowledge the fact that you are hearing what she is saying.  Asking questions about whatever it is she’s talking about always helps too.

You never get a second chance to make a hundredth first impression.  So try this exercise out whenever you can do it.  Take a driving trip with each other.  Tell her that you’re tired but you really want to drive and you want her to talk as much as possible to help keep you awake.  Despite what some people may think you’re actually may think, I’m not handing you a live grenade.

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